Premier League - wolves 2-0 approach to Champions League Leicester

 Premier League - wolves 2-0 approach to Champions League Leicester

1-1 Leicester City, Watford

In the 90th minute, Grays right side was shifted to the left corner of the penalty area. Chilwell scored the ball and shot a high and floating arc from a small angle with his left foot, 0-1. In the third minute of injury stoppage, in the left corner cross of the home team, cabarets header was smashed to the top, and Craig Dawson, who had his back to the goal, broke the goal and held the post flat, 1-1.

West Ham 0-2 Wolf

In the 73rd minute, trauleys right side was forced to cross at the bottom. After that, Jimenez made a point to break the door with a header, 0-1. In the 84th minute, Traores middle road suddenly shakes the two peoples bags and sends out the straight plug. Doherty inserts the right road and crosses directly without any adjustment. The left side of the restricted area is followed by volley to break the door, 0-2.

Bournemouth 0-2 Crystal Palace

The 12th minute, millwayevich outside the restricted area to the left position free kick curved around the human wall straight to the bottom of the net, 0-1. In the 23rd minute, van Anholts left inverted triangle cross, Jordan Ayu in the middle of the penalty area pushed the shot to break the goal, 0-2.

Norwich 0-3 Southampton

In the 49th minute, Armstrong hit the left side of the penalty area, Danny Ince shot a curling ball in the middle of the net, 0-1. The 54th minute, Ince middle road slants the plug right side, Armstrong takes the ball along the forbidden area line crosscuts two steps, after one foot low shoots the goal to enlarge the score, 0-2. The 79th minute, Obafemi right after a long cross in the front of the penalty area cross knock, Raymond arc top stop after a home team guard into the penalty area to push shot, 0-3.

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