Zhou Peng returns to CBA Beijing media after one year: Guangdong defending the crown

 Zhou Peng returns to CBA Beijing media after one year: Guangdong defending the crown

Set up a special ceremony

Pay homage to the anti epidemic hero

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was closed in the CBA League for nearly 5 months, and yesterday it was reopened in Qingdao and Dongguan.

Chinas first novel coronavirus pneumonia competition was held in the first Qingdao match, the Guangsha team and the Tong XI team. Apart from the regular appearance ceremony and singing the national anthem, a new silent ceremony was held at the scene, including the two teams, the coaches group, the China Basketball Association and the Guoxin stadium staff, and the media workers who were on the scene. The dead compatriots and medical staff.

After the end of the silence, there were two short films, one was a promotional film for the CBA rematch, the other was a short film honoring the anti epidemic hero. After playing the short film of honoring the anti epidemic hero, the whole audience made the same gesture and put on the posture of recovery, which is also a special way of honoring, expressing CBAs thanks to people from all walks of life. Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, also came to the scene to watch the game and participated in the pre match silence ceremony like everyone else.

In many games after the opening match, the league has specially arranged a full effort to recover salutation link to express deep respect for those who have made silent contributions to CBAs return and basketballs return.

After 151 days, the CBA League has been restarted. Too many people have made great efforts to look forward to the smooth progress of the league.

One arm basketball boy invited

Jumping for the opening game of Dongguan

More than a week ago, Zhang Cheng, a one armed basketball player from Yunfu, Guangdong Province, became popular on the Internet. His inspirational stories also touched many people, who gained the power to pursue their dreams from him. The 14-year-old one arm boys name quickly spread all over China and the United States in a very short time, becoming a positive energy net red. He has also become an inspirational model for many children, especially basketball teenagers.

On the second round of CBA, zhangjiacheng received a new honor, that is, the first game of Guangdong mens basketball team in Dongguan competition area - the ball jumping ceremony before the game against Shanxi team. CBA company and Guangdong mens basketball team sent an invitation to zhangjiacheng to participate in the springing ceremony in Dongguan District of CBA rematch on the afternoon of June 20. All the fans who know CBA know that the kick-off ceremony before the game is generally completed by the manager of an enterprise, but this CBA League will give zhangjiacheng such an opportunity. I believe it will be a lifelong experience for zhangjiacheng.

At 16:30 on the 20th, at the basketball center of Dongguan bank, the jumping ceremony between Guangdong team and Shanxi team attracted the attention of numerous fans through live TV. Guangdong and Shanxi players came to the venue to prepare for the game, while Yi Jianlian of Guangdong team and Ge Zhaobao of Shanxi team stood near the middle line to jump. In front of the two tall players who are over 2.10 meters tall, Zhang Jiacheng appears thin and tender. Although he is a little nervous, he has a very firm expression. After taking the ball from the referee song Xiaojing, he throws the ball high into the air between the two senior basketball players and completes his mission.

Guangdong team, Xinjiang team

Both win the first battle

Yesterday evening, after the CBA rematch, the second game of Dongguan District, Guangdong teams home match against Shanxi team, ended in the basketball center of Dongguan bank. There was no suspense about the result of the game. The powerful Guangdong team, with foreign aid WEIMS and the first basketball player in China Yi Jianlian, won the Shanxi team of the whole Chinese class 105-82. Xinjiang, another popular team, also beat Qingdao 113-99.

Before the CBA was suspended, Guangdong team achieved 28 wins and 2 losses, ranking first in the table. Although marchan Brooks failed to return to the team in this rematch, another powerful foreign aid, WEIMS, and Yi Jianlian, who occupies a unique position in Chinese basketball, Guangdong Hongyuan team is still the team with the highest voice to win the CBA championship this season. Shanxi is currently in the middle of the League (10th), and their goal is obviously to get into the playoffs. Unfortunately, because of the epidemic, they lost the help of two foreign players after the start of the rematch and applied to the basketball association to become the all China team.

The process of the game was rather dull, and Guangdong team got the score lead from the beginning. In the second half of the year, the difference between the two teams was getting bigger and bigger. At the decisive day, Du Feng, the coach of Guangdong team, pulled down WEIMS and Yi Jianlian, replaced them with young players such as Xu Jie and WAN Shengwei, and finally won easily. In this game, Wilms scored the highest 24 points in the whole game; Yi Jianlian scored 18 points in 21 minutes, the second highest in the whole game.

It is worth mentioning that Zhou Peng, the double captain of Guangdong team and China National Mens basketball team, came back stronger and stronger in this game, which is his first appearance in the field nearly a year after his injury before last years World Cup. In the game, Zhou Pengs playing time is also 21 minutes. His defense is still sharp and his movement is agile. He scored 6 points through two 3-point long-range shooting. His return has undoubtedly added a lot of weight to Guangdong teams defending championship.

In another match held in Qingdao on the same afternoon, Xinjiang team, composed of all domestic players, easily beat Qingdao team, the host of the whole Chinese team, 113-99. Seven of the Xinjiang team scored double and the team basketball played incisively and vividly. The highest score (22 points) was Zhou Qi, the main center of the national team.

Article / our reporter Liu Ailin and song Xiang

Source: Ma bile, editor in charge of Beijing Youth Daily_ NS4800