Robson leaves 5-9 in the tournaments, and Marquis breaks through the top four with six strokes

 Robson leaves 5-9 in the tournaments, and Marquis breaks through the top four with six strokes

As the last stop of the coral series this season, the tour tournament invites the top eight players in a single season to play, with a championship prize of 150000 pounds. In addition, the player with the most accumulated bonus in the coral series will receive an additional coral cup and u00a3 100000 bonus. The Chinese Legion originally had two players, but Ding Junhui did not want to travel from China to the UK for safety reasons. His qualification was replaced by Marquis, who played against Robertson in the opening game. The game was divided into two stages, with 17 sets and 9 wins.

Robertson and Maguire played 28 times before, Maguire 17-11 dominant. The last time they met was at the masters at the beginning of this year, when Maguire beat Robertson 6-5. In the first game, marquis gave his opponent a score of marvel. In the first game, he hit 108 points in one stroke, and took the lead in the zero. In the second set, Robertson quickly stabilized the situation and drew a 100 point draw with 136-0. Maguire continued to control the situation in the third inning, winning 2-1 in 79-38 with 58 points. In the fourth set, Maguire won with 86 points in one stroke and 3-1 entered the rest period.

After a short rest, Robertson broke out in an all-round way. In the fifth inning, he scored 103 points in one stroke. In this game, he broke 100 points in the second stroke and caught up with one inning in zero. In the sixth set, Robertson won 72 points with one stroke and successfully tied the score to 3. In the seventh game, Robertson continued to make efforts to finish the 4-3 anti super game with a single shot of 79 points and 0 seals. In the eighth game, marquis didnt let the gap open. One stroke was 117 points and zero seal, and the two sides reached 4-level in the first stage of the war.

In the second stage, Robertson scored 77 points in the ninth inning, winning 5-4 by 83-17. Since then, the game has completely changed into marquells performance time. In the 10th and 11th innings, he has played 103 and 135 points of a single shot. In the 12th inning, 111 points of a single shot were won by 127-4, 115 points of a single shot in the 13th inning were won by 127-0, breaking through 108-5 points in four consecutive innings. Robertson was expected to catch up with him in the 14th inning, scoring 53 points on a single stroke, but Marquis didnt give the opponent any chance. He ended the fight with 59 points on a stroke, 67-53 points, won five innings in a row, 9-5 points for Robertson, and successfully reached the top four.

Tonight and tomorrow morning, world number one trump will play Higgins, and the winner will play Maguire in the semi-final.