100 doctors and nurses return to the anti epidemic battlefield

 100 doctors and nurses return to the anti epidemic battlefield

Its been so busy these days that the whole hospital has been mobilized. At 7:00 on June 19, Jia WangYan, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, told reporters.

As a novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital in novel coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing, there were only 1 cases of new crown pneumonia in the hospital on June 11th. Just as the whole hospital was preparing for zero clearing, the epidemic rebounded.

All the staff will be on duty as soon as possible, ready to move the ward! In the face of the unknown situation, sickbed is the first factor to be considered. At 10:30 a.m. on June 13, the medical staff of respiratory department of Ditan hospital received the notice and immediately vacated the emergency six areas for the treatment of confirmed cases. In the shortest time, the Department will transfer the patients, including 15 patients who are unable to walk independently, to the general ward safely to ensure that the patients can be admitted out of the bed.

Ditan Hospital, with the support of relevant departments in Beijing, adjusts the resources in the hospital as soon as possible, and rapidly expands the treatment capacity, based on the principle of receiving all receivables. At present, the number of medical beds has reached 1070, maintaining the status of bed and others.

When the bed is in place, personnel are the key. Under the command and deployment of the whole city, 102 medical workers quickly supported Ditan hospital. In terms of doctors allocation, ensure that every medical unit has doctors of infection department, respiratory department and traditional Chinese medicine department. In terms of nurse allocation, it is necessary to ensure that every nursing shift should have nurses with working experience in isolation area to guide and supervise the protection of medical personnel. About Ditan hospital.

As one of 102 medical workers, Han Tingchu, a laboratory doctor in Peking University Cancer Hospital, is an old face. He ended the task of assisting Ditan hospital on June 1 and returned to the battlefield half a month later. More war epidemic recruits, like Chen Rui of Beijing Tongren Hospital, once signed up to support Wuhan, the list was adjusted before departure, and later failed to support Xiaotangshan. This time, they finally got what they wanted.

1 case, 6 cases, 36 cases The outbreak is concentrated in Beijings largest wholesale market of agricultural trade, with intensive personnel and extensive logistics. Every day, there are new cases. Sometimes, there will be an additional disease area in one day, which brings great pressure to the treatment task.

Dr. Xu Yanli, who has been working on the front line of the isolation ward, said of the treatment situation: the treatment task is very intense and the patients come together. At the busiest time, some colleagues fail to sleep overnight. However, due to the previous experience in treatment and the fact that most patients have mild symptoms this time, Xu Yanli believes that everyone has a good mentality and the treatment work has been orderly.

How to carry out treatment? The reporter learned that Ditan hospital has established a working mechanism of first-time intervention of traditional Chinese medicine by combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and TCM doctors directly participate in the clinical treatment work. For the patients with severe and critical diseases, the system of double rounds of directors of Chinese and Western medicine shall be carried out to discuss the treatment plan, one person and one party, and use drugs according to syndrome differentiation. Xu Yanli.

There is no room for carelessness in the critical moment of war epidemic. Take good care of the protective materials, ensure the use and no waste, further refine the prevention and control measures, control the flow of people in the dining room, strengthen data monitoring, ensure the safety of the hospital and surrounding environment, and minimize the risk of nosocomial infection As the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the hospital, Jia WangYan led the discipline inspection cadres of the hospital to go deep into ward, canteen, medical waste transfer and other areas, and carry out precise supervision around key links such as personnel screening, hospital sense prevention and control, protective material storage, medical waste treatment, etc.

We should assist the Party committee of the hospital to consolidate the responsibilities of epidemic prevention and control, and provide strong discipline guarantee for the continued victory of this campaign. Hurriedly ended the call with the reporter, Jia WangYan immediately put into the next stage of work.

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