Six extramarital stories, let me see through the middle-aged old man

 Six extramarital stories, let me see through the middle-aged old man

Story 1

I dont know the specific reason. Five years ago, he came to our unit with a beautiful girl about 10 years younger than him, and slowly achieved the position of deputy director.

Gradually it became clear that the two had already gone out for tourism less than a month after the little girl arrived at our unit, and when we found out that they were abnormal, they had already lived together in a rented house.

I happen to be a Juns neighbor, and the beautiful girl he brought five years ago is still a fellow. I thought this girl and a Jun were husband and wife, so I witnessed the bitterness of this girl going out to find her husband in the morning, crying and going home.

At first, I felt very sorry for this girl. However, later, I learned that the young girl beside Jun a was not his original match. He met him online, and then divorced. Because the original match had a great influence in his hometown and could not stay any longer, he took her North. One newspaper for another!

After a few months of noise, the little girl didnt let go, and the old man was even more determined. At last, the girl figured out how to rob the old man. Even the old TV with a little value at home was packed and went back home.

We all thought that as soon as the girl left, the little girl should live in as it should be, but the two seemed to be estranged from each other and had no original enthusiasm.

The little girl used to look proud and heavy. She seldom saw her smile and seemed to have a lot less words. Its like changing a person, destroying a family, and feeling guilty!

I dont know what will happen to these two lovers who are 20 years apart.

Story 2

B Jun, about forty. This is the story of no third party.

However, its also very interesting! Because this gentleman is short, looks wretched, but his income is very high, but in our city, which is full of invisible rich people, he is really only a poor man. There is no need to raise another woman. But there are many girlfriends.

In fact, the nurse told him that you were all right and didnt need any more injections, but he said that its OK to inject some salt water. I took it, too. Finally, Leng accompanied the girl to take good care of her illness. On the last day, she sent the girl to her home. The girl said, go up and sit down. As a result, she went to bed.

After that, he will leave. The girl said, Ill go to the hotel with you, but it turns out that its a practice when I get to the hotel... This goods are drunk. Originally, they had only three days of business trip, but they stayed in Chengdu for half a month..

From then on, this gentleman fell in love with business trip and where to play. Every province has mothers in law.

C Jun. Its a story of one man and two women.

Mr. C is a good man recognized by our unit. He is a man with a straightforward personality. However, due to his failure to deal with family problems, he caused himself a lot of trouble.

This gentleman has been working in the South since he didnt come to our unit. The reason why he wants to come to the south is mainly to avoid the troubles at home, according to him.

When he was young, he received the favor of his teacher. He didnt think it would pay. So he had to be the teachers son-in-law. In fact, the teachers daughter was not bad. She was eight years older than him.

Maybe when I was young, I didnt think this age gap was anything. After a long time, the gap was obvious. In addition, the big sister in the family is not very understanding of gentleness, so c jun simply walked away, not seeing is pure.

Two people take advantage of the Spring Festival, together back home, c jun after thousands of difficulties, the big sister of the home to get rid of. And his savings from many years of working are gone.

Because the other side is the daughters mother, and once lived together for so many years, c jun forbear to her everywhere. What does she ask C Jun to do? Most of C Jun will not refuse.

Its been a very busy time. Everyone in the unit knows it. Even the leader in charge was alarmed. C juns head was big.

Later, I dont know who made an idea for c jun, so I just went to live outside and nobody paid attention to it. It worked. Gradually, the two women calmed down.

Later, the elder sister may go back to her hometown because she cant see the hope of recombination.

Story 4

D Jun. This gentleman is absolutely loyal to his wife. It can be said that he cares about his woman very much. Unfortunately, its just too much. going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short. Too authoritarian love can suffocate.

Mr. Ds appearance cant be flattered. He is about 1.62. He has potholes in his face. He always likes to cut his head. Moreover, I dont know where he found a barber. Every time he cut his head, the top of his head is very flat. We laugh at him for several days.

I wonder if its because of this that hes not particularly confident.

He came to this unit in the same year as me, and he once worked as a partner, so we can talk about it more. At the beginning, when I saw him taking his wife to work every day, rain or shine, I thought he was a model husband! He also called on everyone to look to him.

Therefore, when I first heard that he beat his wife so badly that he was called to criticize by the leader in charge, I didnt believe it. Later, I learned slowly that he often beat his wife, no matter because of big or small matters, and he would shake his fist if he was not happy.

My wife sent less money to my parents! Its late to go home from work. Hit! Joking with male colleagues, hit!

The next day, when he arrived at the airport to pick up his wife, he beat her up and sent her to the hospital.

Later, his wife came to our leader in charge to divorce him. The leader criticized him and did his wifes work. We also helped persuade him for a while.

Later, they went to work together again. We all thought he had changed. I didnt know that he left his wife until I came back from my holiday. Its not a small surprise.

After a period of time, I dont know what he thinks. He comes to his ex-wife every day. She ignores him and beats him violently. He stops fighting in the unit and fights when he meets him outside. At last, the leaders work is ineffective, so he has to be opened.

Alas, its over 40 years old. I lost my job and brought my children. How can I live in the future?

I dont know how to treasure it, I dont know how to put it, sad middle-aged man!

Story 5

E-Jun, E-Jun is not confused. He has a happy family. His wife is beautiful, beautiful and gentle. She looks knowledgeable and reasonable. She is very popular.

E Jun has a lovely son. He is going to junior high school. He is very cute! E Juns major is also good, and he can earn a lot of extra money!

He has always been considered the most contented of us. It wasnt until I heard from my friend that the legend of E-Juns business trip changed his image.

E Jun and a business trip to the field is a subordinate unit of a person. Probably because my friend praised e Jun in front of this person, this person told my friend about their business trip adventure.

Haha, it turns out that the honest and honest E-Jun encouraged the man to find two young ladies with him in the hotel, and four of them had sex in the same room, and then exchanged

E Jun is still so kind to his wife, very patient to his son, and the family is still so peaceful and beautiful

But since knowing this, I dont talk to e Jun much

Story six

F Jun. Over forty, short, fat, light forehead, only a few hair in the hint of youth.

I also know for the first time that there is such profound knowledge in hair. Since then, the image of this gentleman is very deep!

In the second year of working with F Jun, a young girl came to clean our dormitory building. I like her very much. When I met her at work and off duty, she would take the initiative to say hello to us. Moreover, the floor was always cleaner than the previous aunt.

Later, my friend told me that this is the wife of F Jun. At that time, it was a little unfair for them. Why didnt the leader arrange a better post for her? At that time, I was very happy for them. Anyway, the family finally got together.

A few months later, another aunt came to sweep the corridor. After asking, he knew that f Jun and his wife were divorced. It happens that Mr. F and I are in the same office. Although they dont have any contacts at ordinary times, they are quite familiar with each other.

Its quite sudden for him to divorce, because I havent heard any news about the divorce.

Not long after his ex-wife left, a new member came to our office. She always sits quietly in the position of F Jun, or reads a book or plays with a computer. Her head is always buried low. Several times, I tried my best to see her clearly, but I failed.

Anyway, I cant recognize her when I meet her on the road. Later, I thought, maybe my memory is poor, or she has no characteristics. No matter how late f Jun arrives at night, she always sits there quietly and doesnt talk to others.

This lasted for more than a month. F Jun finally remarried. There was a new car in the parking lot of the unit. The woman drove here, a white car. What brand did you forget.

I only remember that the car caused a discussion among a large group of male compatriots in the unit at that time

Today, f Jun is still working with me in an office. His bike was replaced by the car she sent him. His hair on the forehead is becoming less and less.

And the car that once made a splash has become a scenic spot in the unit.


Story is story, life is life. In my opinion, there are two versions of derailment:

One is the bridge of Langqiao

The story of the bridge: Robert Kincaid, photographer of National Geographic magazine, stops at the door of a house and asks Francesca about the bridge. The two of them had an unforgettable 4 days together.

People like it because it conforms to the values of most people in the world.

In the middle of the derailment, I suddenly think of the familys precarious old people and starving children, and hurry to pick up the pants, cash in and return to the family, which is the choice of most people, especially the middle class.

The bridge of Langqiao gives readers and audiences a hallucinogen, which not only stimulates and romanticizes them, but also safely returns to reality. People like it, of course.

It took me a while to know you.

It took me a while to fall in love with you.

Forget you but I spent my whole life.

Another version of paradise lost, Watanabe spent his whole life writing about men and women cheating.

He told us not to believe in the opposition party, who came to power is the same. Only get along for 4 days, of course, there is no contradiction. Try it after a long time.

If you cheat, you have to behave like a cheat. Its been a long time. Its family friendly. Is it interesting?

But some people take that step, and some people only dare to think about it in their hearts. In fact, everyone should be prepared. Once derailed, you are bound to face two choices, one is the compromise of the bridge and the other is the break of paradise lost.

Theres no stopping fire. Fire can hurt people. Moreover, the cheater should have this cognition and preparation, otherwise you should not play with fire.