Sun Li: I could have become a superstar, but I would like to be a cook. I fell in love with Huang Lei at the age of 18, and I was so beautiful at the age of 43

 Sun Li: I could have become a superstar, but I would like to be a cook. I fell in love with Huang Lei at the age of 18, and I was so beautiful at the age of 43

For what? She has a family name. For what? Shes so good.

But SunLi took it herself, so did I.

Shoes dont fit, only feet know.

Or, we do not wriggle, straight out of their hearts the biggest question: is Huang Lei a good man?

Wheres dad? Mr. Huang was once again affectionate and refuted the rumor.

Touch one deeply in the heart of life, Sun Li gave a helping attack. The mushroom house was secretly moving on to make complaints about the the Peach Garden. He was brought back by Huang Lei for a half season.

As a result, many people began to notice the red shirt woman, know her name and know her story. In addition to admiration, it is admiration.

The new wind is like understanding, easy not to destroy.

I know that many people, like me, feel unworthy when Sun Li is willing to be a home cook and teach her children. Until after the mushroom house, Fang felt that she was a big woman, intelligent in heart and brain, unable to think.

But from Sun Lis perspective, what can onlookers do besides blessing her family and her first love? Say one more sentence, all of them.

Its sour

And such a SunLi, more worthy of respect, she put a womans happy appearance, live into a specimen.

The reason why the melon eaters are unwilling is that they think that Mr. Huangs personal arrangement may not be so good.

At the same time, Sun Li has such excellent personal qualities, acting skills, beauty and human resources. As long as she doesnt live at home, she could have become a first-line star or even a superstar.

In particular, the worlds eyes on women, and the feminism we have been arguing about, seem to make us suddenly hold a prejudice against women who are willing to be housewives.

For example, when a netizen commented on the incident of teacher Yang, the peacock Queen, many female stars stood up and said: women are not machines for childbearing; in 2020, who is the problem if I dont get married??

Wait a minute, the cries like this will imperceptibly make people feel that women in the new era can no longer live like this and have three children in their lives.

Not to mention that it is exquisite egoism. For SunLi, if she just thinks that children and husband are the source of my happiness, and family is my final destination, it seems that this is more in line with the values that our ancestors pursue!

Moreover, Huang Lei, 49, has completely entered the mature period of men, no matter whether he has had two hearts or whether the love in front of the camera has been woven or mended, now their family and Meimei, this is the best result.

What does a woman ask in the end? Isnt it such a romance!

Of course, I dont support women to live at home, which is the way to get happiness. Its different from person to person and different from feeling.

In 1995, Sun Li was 18, and Huang Lei was 23. She fell in love at first sight.

Love in reading is pure love, not mixed with social relations, which is a delicacy in everyones memory. They can stick to it and walk all the way to today, which is really the best way of love.

At that time, he was the tutors assistant. She was a new kid on campus. At the first sight, he said to himself, its so nice. If she can pass the exam, I will chase her and marry her..

Many years later, Huang Lei recalled, still clearly remember that day, she sat on the steps, wearing purple pants, light yellow sweater, different.

In the bright place of Beiying group, Huang Lei, who is young and handsome, thinks she is a unique girl. That must be excellent.

So two months later (October 24), when Sun Li really got into Beiying, Huang Lei couldnt wait to confess.

Unexpectedly, Sun Li promised to come down, which made Huang Lei worry and happiness come too suddenly. However, Sun Li used 25 years to prove that what is a lifetime of fate.

As Mr. Zhong Shu said to Mr. Yang Jiang, before meeting you, I didnt want to get married. After meeting you, I didnt want to marry someone else.

In 2002, two people were going to get married again, but some people said it was the year of blind spring widows, so in 2003, SARS came.

On March 8, 2004, the playwright of the drama group sent Huang Lei an invitation for marriage. At that time, there were many boys who liked Sun Li. Shenshuzi saw that he couldnt wait any longer, so he drove out his beloved car, Phoenix 28 pedal bikes.

Thats right. He and Sun Li are the certificates they went to get by bike. At that time, Huang Lei carefully padded the back seat of the car.

Twenty years later, the successful Huang Lei held a century wedding. Half of the people in the entertainment circle went. The host made by He Jie and the invitation written by Jing bairan.

Love blossoms and bears fruit, predestined in this life, and never leaves the wasteland. Probably, this is the most real look of happiness!

So that day, Huang Lei wrote a brilliant article on his microblog to commemorate their 20 years of love. The words were all about their love and gratitude to Sun Li.

In the fantasy on the 17th floor, Huang Lei said that in fact, a mans life begins at the age of 40. He finally admitted that he was mature and could face his greasiness and past correctly.

Thats good.

With her experiences and stories, Sun Li tells us that the world is worth living.


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