Who says I cant get married: a well married girl can always play a rotten card into a king

 Who says I cant get married: a well married girl can always play a rotten card into a king


I make complaints about who says I cant marry. Yes, like famous screenwriter Cheng Lu, senior partner Tian Lei, beauty salon owner Ding Shiya - they all have certain social status and their personal conditions are undoubtedly good. You also say that they can say: its not that I cant get married, its that I dont get married. What about the others? But all kinds of people in the society. The chance to get a bad card is greater, but also to play king fried? This is the most precious place. Those who marry well can serve as role models.



Look at these people around you. You say that a person born with a gold key may not marry with a gold key. So its better to try to improve yourself and become a better person. How did they do it? First of all, they are very independent. This independence requires too many factors. For example, money. It is a fact that material conditions determine the superstructure. For example, the ability to live. Can you live and eat well without company? Then, its psychological independence. Strong in front of people, not in tears after people.


Some of the disadvantages seen by the naked eye are not good-looking enough, educational background is not high enough, and EQ IQ is not necessarily online? Those who are born to be intelligent can be as perfect as possible only by careful thinking and observation. How much of the so-called Wang bombing is all about doing our best? Do you think people can win easily? Its impossible. You think more. The married woman, she must have this thought preparation: the goal is to find a heart to heart man, hope to meet. If not? First, let yourself become excellent, others follow.