Marriage Apocalypse: its the biggest tolerance in the world of husband and wife

 Marriage Apocalypse: its the biggest tolerance in the world of husband and wife


Divorce or not, thats a problem. Xiaorongs circle of friends sent out such a message. After that, there was no update. Until, shielded from view. Xiaorong and Zhang Qiang were model couples in this community. However, I can see that some of them are showing affection and enjoying happiness. You dont think: happiness is not happiness, only oneself most clear. All expressions will betray you inadvertently. Xiaorong doesnt need other peoples comfort. As long as she figured out how to walk under her feet, she could go on.



Why should women be so generous? Marriage, there is no absolute loyalty. Some betrayal, that is done. Some betrayal, in the bottom of my heart, how do you know? After I understand, I dont want to worry so much. See through dont tell, even if give him a chance, give me a chance. Be tolerant and make your life easier. I dont understand this kind of tolerance, but its clear that Chu Xiaorong is also the result of thinking hard. Or, Xiaorong may not be able to find a man like Zhang Qiang after her divorce. Well, its better to live like this for a lifetime.


I think tolerance is better than compromise, compromise on reality and marriage. In the face of betrayal, more couples do not choose to divorce. Dont they know that there are cracks in such a marriage? Yes. But there are cracks, at least it is still, can give their own warmth, to rely on their own. So, why care so much? There are not so many perfections in the world. Dont give up easily when you still have it. If we dont set up gas, we should take the light of the two evils and the heavy of the two benefits. Why, cant you live with yourself?


Of course, the premise is that there are still feelings between husband and wife, and they are very emotional. Otherwise, divorce doesnt need to choose a day