How long can Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine be put into operation? Expert answers

 How long can Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine be put into operation? Expert answers

The new standard for novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine production was introduced. Meanwhile, three of the 5 vaccines approved for clinical trials completed two phase clinical trials. Emergency use of vaccines can be initiated in the event of a particularly significant public health event.

Which novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine will be completed in the three phase? How long before the vaccine can be put into use? Wang Junzhi, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and deputy leader of the expert group for vaccine research and development of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, gave an authoritative answer.

Yu Jingying, CCTV reporter:

What effect does phase I clinical experiment achieve? What effect does the second phase clinical experiment achieve? What is the purpose of the next three clinical trials?

Wang Junzhi, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

The first stage clinical is mainly the observation of safety indicators; the second stage clinical is the observation of immunogenicity and safety indicators; the third stage clinical is mainly the observation of whether the vaccine can prevent human infection and the observation of protection rate in the epidemic population and the epidemic area; the completion of the third stage clinical is the most critical factor for the final success of vaccine research and development in our country.

Yu Jingying:

What is the vaccine protection rate?

Wang Junzhi:

The results of phase II clinical trial show that it is safe and effective

In terms of vaccine effectiveness, the second phase clinical trial of the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine developed by Wuhan Institute of biological products of Sinopharm showed that the positive conversion rate of neutralizing antibody reached 100% after the two doses were inoculated according to the 28 day interval procedure.

Wang Junzhi:

After the statistical analysis of the Unblinding results, the safety and effectiveness indicators of the results achieved the expected goals and objectives of our design. It has laid a good foundation for the development of three-phase clinical practice.

Although the second phase clinical trial initially suggests that the new crown vaccine developed this time is safe and effective, how about the protection rate? We need to complete the third phase clinical trial, that is to say, let the vaccine complete the effectiveness test of an epidemic cycle in the epidemic area.

The new crown vaccine must be done in the epidemic area in order to complete the phase III clinical, which will take some time.

There was no difference in antibody response of new coronavirus from different sources

In view of the slightly different reports of new coronavirus strains in Asia, Europe, North America and other places, and whether the vaccine is effective in the world, Academician Wang Jun Zhi introduced that in terms of vaccine effectiveness, there is no report on the difference of antibody reaction between different sources of new coronavirus and vaccine, and the effectiveness of new coronavirus vaccine against different sources of virus in the world still needs to be tested in clinical trials Further research.

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