Sun Changjiang, one of the writers of practice is the only standard to test truth, died

 Sun Changjiang, one of the writers of practice is the only standard to test truth, died

He successively served as a cultural worker, journalist and officer in the 29th army and Yongan military area of Fujian military region. He entered the teaching and research section of Chinese history of Renmin University of China in August 1952 and taught in the Philosophy Department of Renmin University of China since September 1955. In April 1973, he was the editor of the editorial department of peoples education of the science and education group of the State Council, and in May 1977, he was the deputy researcher and deputy director of the theoretical research office of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee.

In January 1983, sun Changjiang was transferred to the Department of politics and education of Beijing Normal University as the director of the Research Office of Chinese philosophy. In 1994, the Institute of Oriental thought and culture of Capital Normal University was founded, which laid the foundation for the development of Chinese philosophy. Retired in October 1998.

According to the official evaluation, Comrade Sun Changjiang loves the motherland and the people all his life, is a teacher, treats people sincerely, is magnanimous and pursues truth. A wise man is withered, and his spirit endures! According to the wishes of the family members, the future affairs shall be simplified.

According to sun Changjiang, 1978 was a turning point in China. In 1976, Chairman Mao died. Shortly after that, the gang of four was crushed. Nearly three years later, it was 1978. In the Chinese society at that time, everyone was thinking and discussing the same question: how to deal with the poverty of Chinas economy? How can China move forward? At this time, who do you want to save this situation? I hope Comrade Deng Xiaoping can come out to work and change the economy. But more importantly, the spiritual shackles imposed on the people by the gang of four at that time have not been completely broken, the shadow of the left still covers the land of China, and the two generals still fetters the thoughts of many cadres. How to break through the cage of thought and apply the basic principles of Marxism Leninism and Mao Zedong thought completely and accurately is an urgent task for the whole Party and the whole people. To solve this problem, we need to choose a suitable breakthrough.

He believed that it was the intricate national fate at that time that led to the writing and publication of the famous article practice is the only standard for testing truth, and the later nationwide discussion on testing truth. The political significance of this article far exceeded its theoretical significance.

I participated in that article from the beginning to the end, which was very exciting. Sun Changjiang said, its hard to remember how many revisions have been made to each word. In that year, it was published after Hu Yaobang personally reviewed and finalized the manuscript.

At that time, sun Changjiang was only over 40 years old. He was the leader of the theoretical group of the theoretical research office of the Central Party school, and Hu Yaobang presided over the work of the Central Party school. In 1977, when Hu Yaobang was in a senior cadre class at the provincial and ministerial level, he put forward that work should also depend on practice. However, at that time, some students in the Party school still misunderstood that to test the truth, we should see practice and Mao Zedong thought.

I said, this is not good. What if there is a contradiction between practice and Mao Zedong Thought? Sun Changjiang said. Later, under the organization of Wu Jiang, director of the theory research office, he drafted and wrote an article entitled practice is the only standard for testing truth. Just in time, Hu fuming, a teacher of Nanjing University, wrote the philosophical article practice is the standard to test all truths, which was intended to be published in Guangming Daily. After deliberation by the Central Party school and Guangming Daily, it was decided to let Sun Changjiang combine the two articles and publish them.

On May 10, 1978, the article was first published in the theoretical trends of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee. The next day, Guangming Daily published the full text on the front page under the signature of special commentator. Since then, the party newspapers and party journals of 29 provinces and autonomous regions in China have been reprinted, which has set off a great discussion on the standard of truth.

Sun Changjiang recalled that the article practice deeply influenced the latter half of his life. In the face of the historical achievements of this article, he once said in his recollection of the article: this discussion (of the standard of truth) is not triggered by the inspiration or contemplation of some Scholar . This discussion is a product of history, and this article is also a product of history.

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