Africa actively comments on chairman Xi Jinpings keynote speech

 Africa actively comments on chairman Xi Jinpings keynote speech

CIO achanpang, an analyst at Ghana trust Huamai information services, said no country can deal with the epidemic alone. Only by strengthening solidarity can the international community overcome the epidemic. At a critical moment for the international community to face this major crisis, the special summit on China Africa solidarity against the epidemic was held at the right time. Chinas support has played an important role in the effective prevention and control of the epidemic in African countries. Unity in fighting the epidemic will not only further promote the development of Africa China relations, but also set an example for international cooperation in fighting the epidemic.

Strengthen friendship and mutual trust between China and Africa

Cavins Adehill, an expert on international affairs in Kenya, said President Xi Jinping proposed that China would remove the debt obligations of African countries due to the end of 2020 in the framework of the China Africa Cooperation Forum and call on the twenty group to extend the debt relief period for the relevant countries, including African countries, which is a response to major concerns of African countries, indicating China and The determination of African countries to fight the epidemic together. This will help African countries release resources to better control the epidemic. China is not only looking for ways to help us deal with the epidemic, but also to help us rebuild our economy and achieve sustainable development.

Charles Onunaiju, director of the Nigeria research center of China, said that the important speech made by President Xi Jinping has made African countries full of confidence in overcoming the epidemic. The one belt, one road to Africa, is of great significance to the recovery and sustainable development of African countries in the post epidemic era. The initiative to build and share common interests will become an important mechanism to coordinate the strength of all countries and to meet challenges together.

ANAST mbosa, President of the Congolese news agency, said that with Africa and China United, the strength will be enormous. The Africa China comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation has been further strengthened in the process of uniting the two sides to fight against the epidemic. China has provided more support to African countries in fighting the epidemic than any other country by providing material assistance, sharing prevention and control experience and sending medical expert groups, which greatly boosted African countries confidence in fighting the epidemic.

Adhere to the direction of multilateralism

Rashid Alus, a professor at Algeria University, said President Xi Jinpings proposal to unswervingly carry out multilateralism is very important and has been supported by African countries. Facts show that unilateral actions to meet global challenges, including the new crown epidemic, will have different degrees of negative impact, leading to the lack of international equity and justice, and even endangering world peace and security. China has actively promoted the international community to unite in the fight against the epidemic, and has pledged to give priority to the provision of new crown vaccines to African countries, which fully embodies the responsibility of the major responsible countries.

Galiza Matos, a former member of the Mozambican parliament, believes that the reality of the epidemic is the importance of multilateralism to effectively respond to global challenges. The special summit on China Africa solidarity against the epidemic, held at the time of the epidemic, not only demonstrated Africa China friendship in times of adversity to the international community, but also demonstrated Africa China common position of adhering to multilateralism. African countries should adhere to multilateralism and promote the continuous development of Africa China relations along the road of solidarity, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results.

Somada fekeney, a professor and political analyst at the University of South Africa, said that the special summit on China Africa solidarity against the epidemic, which was held at the time of the epidemics continuous spread, was an important measure taken by China to support African countries in fighting the epidemic, promote Africa China cooperation and Africa China friendship, and fully demonstrated Chinas great importance to Africa China relations. Only through unity and cooperation can the international community overcome this epidemic.