Win the championship! Huami technologys amazfit smart watch topped 618

 Win the championship! Huami technologys amazfit smart watch topped 618

At the same time, the sales record of amazfit brand was renewed again, and its strength was confirmed again. Data shows that the sales of amazfit tmall is 210% higher than that of last years 618, the sales of JD is 120% higher than that of last years 618, and the sales of millet products are 1900% higher than that of last years 618.

The watch sold by amazfit brand during the 618 period has a height of more than Everest, with a total endurance of 6.6 billion steps, which is equivalent to the full power mileage of 7212 long-term Tesla Model 3. Charging once can record 260 million kcal, which is equivalent to 140000 people losing 1 kg per person!

Looking back on this years promotion in the middle of 618, huami technology handed over a dazzling report card. During the pre-sale period, amazfit brand won the pre-sale volume champion of tmall smart watch category. On the first day of June 1, the amazfit brand was even more aggressive. It not only won the sales champion of tmalls smart watch category, but also successfully won the quadruple title, and set a new record for the sales speed of amazfit brand. Moreover, with the continuous deepening of the 618 promotion, the sales volume and sales volume of amazfit brand also continued to rise, and finally won the nine titles of tmall, Xiaomi Youpin, Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms.

Such outstanding achievements are inseparable from the strong product strength and excellent market reputation of huami technologys amazfit brand smart watch. This year, huami technology has made efforts in all channels to subdivide its amazfit brand smart watch into seven product lines. New products have been released in professional sports, fashion intelligence, basic entry and other fields, fully meeting the use needs of various consumers, so that each user can find the most suitable smart watch.

Taking the pop-up amazfitgtr and amazfitgts of 618 as examples, amazfitgtr pays homage to the classic wristwatch design, with 14 kinds of sports modes, 50m swimming waterproof, NFC bus access control and other functions built in, which has been popular with consumers since its launch.

Amazfitgts is equipped with a super retina level color display screen, which supports all-weather constant bright display; built-in AI heart health monitoring function, which can automatically identify arrhythmia (including atrial fibrillation) and other heart abnormalities; 14 day super long endurance, 50 meter swimming waterproof, NFC bus access control and other comprehensive and rich functions, so that amazfitgts naturally continues to lead the mainstream smart watch market.

Not only that, huami technology also fulfills the corporate mission of science and technology connect with health, makes efforts to explore the application of intelligent wear in sports health, artificial intelligence and other fields, and has successively reached cooperation with Zhongnanshan academician team, China Track and field association and advanced technology research institute of China University of science and technology. Many of its amazfit intelligent wear devices have also become the official recommendation of intelligent wearable products of China National Track and field team Products reflect the strong technology accumulation and product strength of huami technology.

At the huami technology AI Innovation Conference on June 15, huami technology also launched a new generation of high-precision bio tracker 2ppg, which can achieve more accurate heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep by integrating five innovative AI engines including realbeats 2 heart rate engine, oxygenbeats blood oxygen engine, somnuscare sleep engine, exersense sports engine and huami Pai health assessment system Monitoring, to create greater value for users.