Stock price flying offline shortage of Moutai increased 22 direct channels to quench thirst?

 Stock price flying offline shortage of Moutai increased 22 direct channels to quench thirst?

One up and one short, the cooperation of capital market and spot market makes countless manufacturing listed companies sigh inferior.

According to a survey conducted by a Securities Daily reporter, Beijing Maotai Direct stores completed half of the annual sales plan as early as may, and 53 degree Feitian Maotai (pumao) has been out of stock in June.

At present, there are only vintage and boutique Maotai, and this month (53 degrees Feitian Maotai) should not come. This is the most words that the staff of Beijing Maotai direct store say to the people who come to buy wine.

In fact, 53 degree Feitian Moutai liquor is out of stock all over the country, and many friends around are lamenting that they cant buy Moutai liquor (PUMA). Its a blessing for any enterprise that the business is in short supply. But for Maotai, a bottle of Feitian Moutai liquor was hard to find in the market, which was also the most headache for Maotai executives.

If you ship more goods, you will be afraid that there will be more stock in the market. If you dont ship them, the price will skyrocket. It has always been a problem for Maotai executives to control market prices. In addition, Maotai liquor, which is endowed with financial attributes, is also the object of speculators hoarding, and the prevention and control of speculating is also a must for Maotai.

After adding 19 Ka stores service providers in January this year, on June 18, Maotai held a new ceremony. On this day, the signing ceremony of 2020 direct sales channel of Guizhou Maotai liquor was held in Maotai international hotel. There are 22 regional KA stores, liquor vertical e-commerce and tobacco retail chains, which have officially signed a contract to become the direct sales channel of Maotai liquor.

Maotai said that from now on, Maotai will successively put Maotai liquor into direct sales channels, complement each other with social and self owned channels, further promote the flat reform of marketing channels, create price benchmarks, enhance market regulation and control capabilities, stabilize prices, solve the problem of difficult to buy liquor and make real consumers buy affordable authentic Maotai.

Increase direct sales channels to quench thirst for the market

It is understood that there are 16 regional KA stores, 4 liquor vertical e-commerce and 2 tobacco retail chains signed by Maotai.

Maotai introduced that in 2019, Maotai will expand its direct sales channels with business supermarket, e-commerce and group buying customers as the core. At present, the developed customer layout covers the national capital and central cities, and the physical store sales network will connect the whole country to effectively solve the problem of customers difficulty in buying wine and high price of buying wine. From June, we will deliver goods to the channel providers signed today. After receiving the goods, everyone should immediately Start selling. National and regional distributors shall ensure daily availability of goods for sale .

It is understood that in January this year, Maotai contracted 19 regional KA stores service providers. Through this expansion of direct sales channels, the coverage area of Maotai liquor has further expanded to the whole country.

In Maotais view, the company will deepen the reform of marketing system, work together with channel merchants and group buying customers to build, share and win-win, and promote the high-quality development and great progress of Maotai.

Improve the channel structure and expand the consumption circle of Maotai

It is understood that the market guide price of 53 degree Feitian Maotai liquor is set at 1499 yuan / bottle. At present, the market retail price is more than 2300 yuan, with a huge price difference. While making Maotai dealers earn a lot of money, reselling Maotai liquor has become a lucrative business for many people.

Can Maotais large-scale increase of direct sales channels stabilize the price and let more people buy Maotai liquor?

In Tielis view, an e-commerce platform for liquor like 1919 has been added. Through the e-commerce platform, the consumption group of Maotai liquor can cover domestic and foreign consumers, not only meeting the demand of domestic consumers for Maotai liquor, but also covering foreign consumers.

Maotais strategy is right and its original intention is good. However, after the channel business obtains the sales qualification of Maotai, it has also happened to use Maotai liquor as a gimmick to attract customers. Is Maotai still used as a diversion gimmick in this new Ka channel business?

As soon as this news came out, the outside world questioned constantly, and consumers felt very unhappy about the experience of purchasing Maotai liquor, at the same time, it also affected consumers reputation of Maotai brand.

According to Zhao Guodong, executive general manager of jiuyijiu liquor Platform Technology Co., Ltd., with the implementation of the strategy of Maotai direct terminal, the flattening development trend of liquor distribution industry will be more rapid, and more people will be able to drink, afford and enjoy Maotai liquor.

In the eyes of the outside world, the 22 new dealers are undoubtedly lucky ones. Getting the tickets of Maotai means that they have found gold. Increase the direct sales channels, whether the mass consumers can buy the satisfactory Maotai liquor or not, there may be some events, but there are all variables, after all, it is Maotai liquor, not others.

To this end, a person in charge of Maotai told the Securities Daily that one bottle is hard to find in the market mainly refers to Feitian, and Feitian Maotai is one of many brands in Maotai. There is no Feitian Maotai in the store, there are five star Maotai, boutique Maotai, vintage Maotai and other Maotai. Why do you have to buy 53 degree Feitian Maotai?

At the same time, the above-mentioned person in charge of Maotai was confused, and he also pointed out to the point that only when Maotai liquor is drunk can its value be reflected, and there is no point in buying and not drinking.