Everyday easy: never thought that musk is also good at time management?

 Everyday easy: never thought that musk is also good at time management?

Come on, recharge and exercise. Be sure to adjust yourself at weekends

Speaking of status, Teslas new roadster status is really good

According to foreign media reports, Tesla said that the 100km acceleration of the basic version of the next-generation Roadster is 1.9 seconds, while the high-end version of the roadster equipped with the SpaceX cold gas thrusters only takes 1.1 seconds. It is reported that the air conditioner propeller will be installed at the back of the license plate.

If this speed can be achieved, roadster will become the fastest mass production vehicle in the world.

Everyone is his own brother. SpaceX makes rockets. Tesla cuts leeks and transfuses blood. Whats collaborative development? Tactical backwardness.gif

This must be the inheritance of the founders DNA. After all, masks coordination ability in the money circle is also the first echelon

According to foreign media reports, a pension fund that invests in Tesla claims that Tesla directors, including Elon Musk, have paid themselves huge salaries within three years and improperly obtained hundreds of millions of dollars from Tesla.

To ask why Musks synergy is so strong, I think it must have something to do with his life

According to the latest eyewitness testimony, there is an improper relationship between supermodel Cara delevingne, amber heard and Tesla boss musk.

I cant help but watch the plot moving towards many people. Do you think Musks ability to cooperate is not strong

Why can he manage so many star companies at the same time, and his life is so rich? I was proficient in time management

Yesterday, Didi announced that it would launch its downwind business in 300 cities nationwide from June 23, 2020, and resume cross city services, but Beijing is temporarily closed.

Although hitchhiking can bring a lot of convenience to peoples travel, but safety is still the top priority, we must be careful.

Recently, a few nights ago, Mr. Yuan of Hangzhou called a Dida hitchhiker from Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport to Binjiang. He said that the driver went to pick up other guests without informing him. On the way, he also stopped at the roadside due to the problem of toll. Mr. Yuan said that although he was a boy, he was afraid at that moment.

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Male passengers say they are afraid when they stop on the windmill

A few days ago, a driver in Zhejiang stopped on his side and couldnt get in, so he asked the passing cleaning aunt for help and command, but it didnt succeed. The anxious cleaning aunt couldnt see it, and then the operation came on.

The fighting nation teaches you how to cut watermelons, which is why I love the hand window

Better smile on Maserati than cry on EVA

Do you know how grass feels? Anyway, I want to know

If you drop it, you will love your shape

But this glass is really too big. It hasnt been pasted yet. It hasnt been smashed

How about these two people? Where is it?

The right light is not strong enough

Ive always been asked why the two screws on my cell phone never match. You are too young

Cuicui, dont sit on a hot stone, or you will get sore

What is low-key luxury? Ordinary people dont understand it at all

After that, I had a lot of trouble washing the car. The cracks were full of sand

I havent seen the logo for half a day. What kind of car is it?

This car has a lot of space. I want to have a whole one, too

It is said that there are 25 films in this picture. How many do you see?

Yesterdays car guessing answer: amggtr, congratulations to Yiyou tac96 and Taotao Longxing~

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