Pregnant at the age of 15, she was cheated to eat explosives, one body and two lives: some people, this life is not worthy of human!

 Pregnant at the age of 15, she was cheated to eat explosives, one body and two lives: some people, this life is not worthy of human!

What she didnt know was that the pineapple was full of explosives.

She tore her heart and lungs with pain, ran out of the village, hid in the river, and immersed her mouth and nose in the water to relieve her pain.

Seriously injured and hungry, she couldnt swallow any more food. Two captive elephants were sent out to take her out of the river, and she refused.

Four days later, under peoples gaze, she fell into the water silently, only the elephant in charge of rescue beside her, stroking her body with her nose over and over again.

She can no longer stand up.

Her body was hauled ashore, and in her stomach, a formed child was found.

Its hard to imagine how desperately she wanted to live, how desperate she was to keep the child, and how desperate she was in the four days of extreme physical pain.

A small elephant dissected from the belly of a mother elephant

What did she do wrong?

She was just hungry. In the face of human drive, she dodged everywhere and did not hurt anyone.

Even if she was injured by the explosion, she ran painfully on the road in the village, and did not destroy anyones home.


On the grassland, a long dead elephant is emitting a pungent smell of putrefaction. Whats striking is that its whole face has been cut off.

At this time, the elephant is still alive, but it can only watch the poacher lift the electric saw towards itself, and saw off its whole face, powerless.

They will be rushed to the village by more than a dozen boats. When they are near the sea, people with thick ropes rush in and surround them in an instant.

Their heads are speared with harpoons, and they watch their companions die, but they can only be dragged ashore in the lament.

They are waiting for him to die and share their food.

All this, because of their meat, is considered to be the best protein supplement staple.

African lions frequently come and go around villages. They drink at pools built by people and even break into residential areas to hunt livestock.

In fact, a few years ago, it was the territory of lions. Humans occupy 75% of their homes to build villages. In order to find food, the lion had to start wandering.

The number of African lions has halved in the past year, with a large proportion killed by unprofessional villagers.

All this, just because their home, by human eyes.

Lying in the grass, the rhinoceros lost half of its face, blood flowed from the wound, and dyed the surrounding land red.

The poacher stunned it and took its horn.

Originally, if you just cut the rhinoceros horn, the horniness can regenerate.

But in order to get the rhinoceros horn from the root as much as possible, poachers cut it off along with its face.

After waking up, the rhinoceros can only roll on the ground in pain and howl.

All this, just because of their horns, is considered to be treatable.

In the snow and ice, a little seal is running forward desperately, but it still cant hide behind the pursuit of human beings.

Family came back, can see, but it is blood dripping bones, eyes are helpless and at a loss.

Its all because their fur is the most popular commodity in the market.


Some of them gouged out their lives with the blade of greed, and some of them were trapped for their own sake.

The jumping bulls in the arena are not struggling because they are not tamed.

Their genitals are held tightly by a belt, and as long as it is tightened, they will jump with extreme pain.

In order to tame elephants, people bound their legs, refused to eat, drink or sleep, tortured their spirit, and then used sharp spears to stab their bodies.

Later, people saw them in the circus. They could draw and acrobatics. They were smart and docile.

But the abused tiger can only shrink in one corner of the cage, avoid, struggle and yield.

This is why the tiger, known as the king of the forest, is very cooperative on the stage.

The black bear in the circus can jump rope on the stage, can stand and walk, looks cute and cute.

And behind the clapping, the audience was chained to their necks and forced to stand on their feet.

I dont know when human beings became masters of the wild.

They dont even live as well as dogs in front of human beings.


Little raccoon, there are only 10000 in the wild. There are only 1000 puffers left in the wild. There are only 50000 elephants left in the wild. There are only 1000 mountain gorillas left in the wild. There are only 10 porpoises left in the wild. ......

There are also some animals, perhaps you have never heard of their names, but also the same, their figures will no longer appear in your sight.

Pyrenees goat, extinct in 2000.

Baiji, extinct in 2007.

Rhinoceros in Java, Vietnam, extinct in 2009.

The eastern cougar, extinct in 2018.

They tried to live in this world, only need their own land, but in the end, they were forced to say goodbye.

When they disappear from the planet one by one because of human lust and environmental damage, how long can lonely humans exist?

On the epitaph of the worlds extinct animal cemetery, there is a saying:

When the last tiger on the earth seeks a mate in vain in the artificial forest; when the last eagle who has not left his offspring falls from the dirty sky to the earth; when the last cry of elk reverberates over the dry swamp... Human beings see their own end!

Human beings are being backfired without knowing it.

She died when she was rescued. Her spinal cord was broken, her cervical vertebra and ribs were broken, her scalp was completely torn off, and one arm was bitten off.

In the 1950s, Japanese factories polluted fish by discharging methyl mercury into rivers.

Five months after Australias wildfires burned, 650000 bats that had burned their habitats invaded the city.

The Revenge of animals and nature begins quietly. But in the beginning, we shouldnt fight against each other like this.

For the next three years, the 21 elephants will all return on the same day to mourn Anthony.

The old man grew up with the little fox. Every time he met, he would rush up warmly, kiss the old man on the cheek and act coquettish in his arms.

Seeing his benefactor again, the strong lion rushed up to give him a big hug without hesitation.

Animals are a mirror of human beings. The ugliness that can inspire peoples hearts can also reflect human kindness.

Stay away from them and give them enough living space. They will stay away from human beings and live contentedly forever.

The movie Lion King once said:

The earth has never been created for more than human beings.

They have the same right to live on this planet as you and me.

If we cant help them, at least we cant continue to be accomplices to hurt them.

Finally, I hope you can light up watching and forward it to the circle of friends.

Even if only one more person sees, even if only a few more seconds to think.

They should have been our friends.