Leader wechat replied a word OK, dont be silly to do things, experts can understand these three words

 Leader wechat replied a word OK, dont be silly to do things, experts can understand these three words

From the perspective of global workplace types, there are mainly five types of workplace: compulsory workplace, conservative workplace, business workplace, casual workplace (freelance), creative workplace (show industry). Most companies in China belong to conservative and business workplaces, so many young wage earners will feel more rigid and less lively, and very reject these red tape and etiquette details. Since Im in a conservative and business workplace, I have to adapt to this kind of rules and etiquette, separate from the funny and easy life, and reflect my due professional quality.

u30101u3011 For the matters of notification, the leader replies OK, you dont need to reply.

You inform the leader to have a meeting at two oclock in the afternoon. The leader replies OK. On behalf of him, he knows and he will attend. If the leader doesnt attend, he will reply, I cant attend if I have something. In a word, the leader replied OK, representing the end of the matter. You dont need to reply any more, even receive dont reply, it seems that you are not easy to ask, but also add a trouble for leaders to open wechat to view information.

After sending wechat report to leaders, leaders only reply with one good or one um. Remember: no matter in the communication in the workplace or in the daily life, when someone replies to you with a single word good or well, from the perspective of psychological suggestion, it means that he wants to stop the conversation, does not want to reply to you again, and does not want you to stop. Just like in life, you say a lot of things to others, and they are absent-minded Mm-hmm. shut up. So, the leader replies with a single word OK. If the last word thank you is completely terminated, you must not reply to any more information.

u30102u3011 For the matters of asking for instructions, the leader replies OK, and you should finish politely.

Therefore, the leader should reply with a single word good, and the EQ expert should make necessary reply according to the type of matters. Remember a trick: in case of wechat of request type, the reply etiquette is the opposite of answering the phone. The leader should hang up first to represent the priority of ending. Wechat communication, smart subordinates should politely terminate. You can reply, yes, Ill deal with it first. If you have any information, please let me know. Subordinates not only end politely, but also say that they should keep reporting the progress of the work, so that the leaders can feel assured that your performance is reliable.

There is another situation, which is easily ignored by us, that is, the psychology of leadership. When you send hundreds of words of long instructions, the leader only replies with one word good, which does not mean that he agrees happily, but that he is not happy. As a matter of fact, we can see from our transposition that it takes us 20 to 30 minutes to report a matter to the leader in normal working condition, and it also takes four to five minutes for the leader to express his opinions. You can use two or three minutes of reading time to express the capacity of twenty or thirty minutes, and the leaders cant give you a long speech.

Many leaders are actually not happy with this situation. If you dont report such a big thing face to face, you have to wait for me to have a meeting, get off work or go on a business trip. Use wechat to report and force me to make a statement, right? In order to express their unhappiness, some leaders often dont reply. If you are in a hurry, they dont reply. Its the leaders who silently vent their dissatisfaction. The leader takes care of your mood, replies a good word to you, implying I know, Ill come down and listen to your report face to face.

To sum up, there is no small matter in the workplace. We should not be bound by these details, but we should not be careless and indifferent. The professional quality and leadership of the successful are also gradually accumulated and growing up. Learn some wechat etiquette, do things well, and make both sides comfortable. This is the purpose of life, not to make you please others, red tape, and affect efficiency. The richest man in the world said that IQ can only prevent failure, and EQ can determine success. Although details cant decide success or failure, they can avoid failure.