Peng Peio accused the Chinese scholar of rogue role: its a pity that he doesnt play the Spring Festival Gala

 Peng Peio accused the Chinese scholar of rogue role: its a pity that he doesnt play the Spring Festival Gala

Shen Yi, a professor at Fudan Universitys Department of international politics, told that pompeios image of bullying and confusing right and wrong in front of his allies is that whether a country is free actually depends on whether it stands in line with the United States. The EU, which now shows its independence in foreign policy and values, will not cooperate with this game of changing concepts.

Pompeio made a speech during the Copenhagen democracy summit on the 18th

Pompeio boasted about capitalist democracy at the video link summit in California on the 19th, calling capitalism the greatest poverty eradication project in history. Then he turned around and said that the West believed that China could be changed through reform and opening-up, which was essentially a deal and bet, while China used western goodwill.

Next, on issues related to Hong Kong, Xinjiang and the new crown epidemic in China, Peng Peio repeated the so-called accusations of human rights and freedom and interposed in the recent border conflict between China and India initiated by the Indian side. He accused China of being a rogue role in the eyes of neighboring countries.

He also spared no effort to separate China EU relations, denounced Chinas false news and malicious Internet actions to create a gap between the United States and Europe, and openly attack European sovereignty through the acquisition of ports and key infrastructure, and force countries to do business with Huawei.

The European Union must remove the golden blindfold of economic relations and not be afraid to speak up and act on Chinas challenges, he said. He would like to hear more public statements from the European Union, pretending that this is not a choice between the United States and China, but a choice between tyranny or freedom.

Screenshot of a video of pompeio calling for the EU to remove the golden blindfold of economic relations

Shen Yi also mentioned that the part of pompeio calling on the European Union showed his image of being used to bullying in front of his allies and confusing right and wrong. What does the United States do today in line with human rights and freedom? The so-called choice between tyranny and freedom actually refers to freedom when standing with the United States, and tyranny when not standing together. Removing the golden blindfold of economic relations is equivalent to preferring American grass to Chinese seedlings.

Even if the EU stands with the United States, it will only receive three penalties from Trump government in addition to a verbal praise, that is, differences between the two sides on issues such as tariffs, market access and military cost sharing. So the core of the problem is that the EU has made it clear that it needs to show independence in foreign policy, followed by independence in values. Freedom is not free, and it is not the United States has the final say, nor is it judged by whether it is consistent with the United States in foreign policy. This is a game of changing concepts. No one will play with America.

Last week, Peng Peio was tortured by his soul at a press conference. Why does the US government support the demonstrations in Hong Kong, China, in a high-profile way, but not the anti racism protesters close to home? Zhao Lijian, spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, once described this as the double standards of world fame of the current US government, and the problems reflected behind it deserve peoples consideration and vigilance.

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