499800 Mercedes Benz EQC 350 4matic launched

 499800 Mercedes Benz EQC 350 4matic launched

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Mercedes Benz provides customers with all-round preferential policies for purchasing new EQC pure electric SUVs, free of purchase restrictions and purchase taxes, 6-year / 120000 km original factory maintenance package, and the three good electric car purchase plan specially launched for the new eqc3504matic pure electric SUVs, which benefits customers:

One good: 39900 yuan of preferential subsidy.

Two good: 100000 yuan down payment, 3333 yuan monthly supply.

Three good: interest free for 3 years, guaranteed by the manufacturers residual value at the end of the period, which can be bought, exchanged and returned.

*The plan is valid until September 30, 2020. The three good car purchase plan is provided by Mercedes Benz Leasing Co., Ltd. for more details, please consult the authorized dealer of Mercedes Benz. The specific content of the plan is subject to the final signed contract.

[new car knowledge] New

1. Enrich the lineup of new energy products of Benz

2. At first sight

2. Luxury and technology interweave with each other

In the new car, double 10.25 inch HD display and 64 color ambient light are used to complement the beautiful rose gold design elements. The sense of future technology comes naturally. Equipped with the exclusive function of EV path optimization, mbux intelligent human-computer interaction system can accurately plan the charging path according to the actual mileage, and recommend the route with the least time and the most convenient charging for drivers and passengers.

3. Strict safety standards

The new eqc3504matic follows the strict safety standards of EQC family, and has a unique four fold body protection mechanism, i.e. a new-type subframe, a solid frame with integrated anti-collision structure, hard foam energy absorbing materials and a hard aluminum alloy shell covering each electric core, providing all-round safety protection for the vehicle.

4. Enough for intercity travel

The new car is equipped with a front and rear axle dual motor with a total output power of 210lw, the acceleration time of 100km is only 6.9s, and the pure electric endurance mileage still reaches the actual 415km (NEDC condition), which is enough to meet the daily vehicle demand of Chinese customers for urban commuting and intercity travel, bringing a more practical and reliable luxury option for electric time travel.

5. Luxury five star charging service

The five Star charging services provided by Mercedes Benz include navigation, transportation, management, management, and station -- star escort, star accompanying, star steward, star assistant and Star Post, covering smart charging wall box for home use, public charging pile, charging service for generation in hot urban areas, road rescue charging service and Mercedes Benz exclusive charging station, etc Almost all the electric vehicle use scenarios bring the industry-leading worry free experience to users: from the home Benz intelligent charging wall box and installation service to more than 300 cities across the country to support real-time query and enjoy the one-stop charging service of public charging piles; from providing three-year unlimited kilometers of 24-hour Trailer emergency rescue and emergency mobile charging vehicle service for electric vehicle upgrading At present, it has covered 50 cities in China, nearly 200 Mercedes Benz exclusive charging stations in authorized dealers, Mercedes experience stores, airports and other landmarks, and 7 airports in 5 cities in advance to provide services such as Valet charging and parking, which fully solves the charging inconvenience and going out in the urban office area for car owners A series of travel problems such as parking space or charging pile can not be found, which makes the travel life in the era of electric more brilliant.

[2020 Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan international auto show] is about to start

At the same time, the 2020 Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay International Auto Show will open tomorrow (June 20), Mercedes Benz will bring 29 models to the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 5. Among them, the new heavy-duty vehicles include: the new Mercedes Benz eqc3504matic pure electric SUV, the new Mercedes Benz glasuv (Chinas first show), the new mercedes-amga354matic, etc.


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