Apple said it was not told about problems with the UK contact tracking app

 Apple said it was not told about problems with the UK contact tracking app

The NHS said Apple and Googles systems, which record 99% of Android and iPhone nearby, are weak in distance computing. According to reports, the system is unable to distinguish between equipment one meter away and equipment three meters away.

However, apple said it was hard to understand the NHSs statement about distance. The Cupertino technology giant told the times that the NHS had not contacted them on the issue, noting that the exposure notification API had been used in countries such as Switzerland and Germany.

Apple also expressed surprise that NHS is developing a new version of its contact tracking app, which will bring the best of both systems.. We dont know what they mean by this hybrid model, Apple told the times. They havent talked to users about this yet.

Nhsx, the digital innovation arm of the NHS, disagrees. According to the spokesman, the company said it was working closely with the two Silicon Valley companies and had a production meeting with apple to discuss the future direction.

The apple Google exposure notification API is not an app. Instead, it is a framework that public health officials can use to build contact tracking platforms that are deeply integrated into IOS and Android systems, but also to take measures to protect user privacy.

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