8percent rate of return this years most fierce financial products come from Didi

 8percent rate of return this years most fierce financial products come from Didi

For the 8% yield, Didis activity page explains that financial income is about 3%, and new employees are rewarded 5%.

According to the product details provided by Didi, this cash treasure financial product is provided by Ping An Bank. In the product agreement, the official name is Ping An pension Fuying life personal pension security management product (Fuying personal 5 portfolio), and the product risk rating is medium low risk.

For 5% of the novice rewards, Didi provides the activity rules as follows: during the activity period, the first order of cash Baoxin users can get an additional 30 days (i.e. 30 natural days) platform plus 5% of the novice rewards. Within 30 days from the interest calculation date of the first order, if any redemption occurs to the product, there will be no 5% novice reward; the part with the first amount u2264 10000 yuan will be rewarded, and the part with the amount > 10000 yuan will not be rewarded..

According to the activity page information of this financial product in Didi, the activity time is from May 26 to June 30, 2020, and the participation condition is didi travel users who have never purchased the current Jinbao product in didi platform before the activity starts.

There is suspicion of making promises in disguised form. A person engaged in the Internet wealth management industry told reporters that Didis main purpose of this activity is to pull the new diversion. The 5% subsidy and interest rate increase seem to be a lot, but only limited to the principal part of less than 10000 yuan, and only effective within 30 days. In fact, users who successfully participated in the activity may not receive more than 50 yuan from Didi.

Even as a means of publicity, suggestive copy should be handled carefully. According to the relevant provisions of the advertising law and the measures for the administration of the sale of financial products of commercial banks, it is prohibited to publish in the advertisements a guarantee commitment to the future effect, income or relevant conditions of the financial products or services with the expected return on investment, and an explicit or implied guarantee of principal, risk-free, income or loss on behalf of others; the text of the promotion and sale of financial products shall not violate the Regulations use expressions that do not match the characteristics of risk and return of products, such as safety, assurance, commitment, insurance, risk avoidance, security, high return, etc.

In recent years, Didi, as a taxi software, has been expanding its financial territory. At the end of 2017, Didi bought Beijing 190fu Payment Technology Co., Ltd. and obtained the payment license. In February 2018, Didis financial department was upgraded to the financial business department. At the beginning of 2019, the financial services channel was launched on Didis product end. Didi has now obtained five financial licenses, including payment, online small loan, financial leasing, commercial factoring, insurance agency, etc., involving monetary fund, factoring, insurance, automobile financial leasing, consumer credit and other businesses. For Didi, who has not yet announced the realization of profit, strengthening the business construction of financial sector is the most convenient way to realize flow realization, but new players also need to abide by the same rules of the game as financial institutions. In the integration of Internet technology and finance, barbaric growth will eventually move towards compliant development, which is a fact that has been confirmed many times. The security and stability of the financial market and the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers need to be protected by all parties. Source: editor in charge of Economic Observer: Wang Wenhua_ NF5982