Bundesliga - Bremen lose to relegation rivals, life hangs in the air, all the seats in the first tier European war are produced

 Bundesliga - Bremen lose to relegation rivals, life hangs in the air, all the seats in the first tier European war are produced

In the 4th minute, steindall was shot by amboro, and Herman made up the shot, 0-1. In the 54th minute, sabiri and srbeni hit the wall and sent out a pass. Mitchell took the ball and shot low with his left foot, 1-1. In the 55th minute, schneimer kicked steindels ankle in the penalty area. Mengxing was awarded a penalty. Steindel hit 1-2 with his own knife. The 65th minute, home teams Xu Nei Mayer tactics fouls pulls down the opponent to receive the second yellow card to be sent off. In the 73rd minute, jintel was transferred to benseibani, who crossed, and steindel scored 1-3.

Hertha 2-0 Leverkusen, Berlin

Hoffenheim 4-0 Berlin Federation

The 11th minute, stoke left side to squeeze open the visiting team defender in the cross, babe after receiving the ball to step over the goalkeeper to push the ball into the empty door, 1-0. In the 39th minute, SKOVs free kick was blocked, and karamaric scored 2-0. In the first half of the stoppage period, caldera Beck went straight and dabble shot at a small angle, 3-0. The 68th minute, Xu Buna cross, baumgartena after the ball into the single knife into the restricted area after the push, 4-0.

Mainz 3-1 Werder Bremen

In the 25th minute, brossinskis free kick was passed, and onesivos header was blocked by Sargent. Kwayassen made a make-up shot, 1-0. The first 30 minutes, Lazar in the middle of the dribble swing open two defensive players and points the ball to botius, the latter received the ball into the restricted area after the volley, 2-0. In the 58th minute, Phil Kruger passed the ball in the heel. In the cross after clarson received the ball, he was forced to strafe to get a point, 2-1. The 85th minute, bakuze, G. Fernandez push shot near angle score, 3-1.

The 16th minute, Stephen left cross, jincek shot was blocked, wigholst scuffle in turn volley, 0-1. The 56th minute, Stephen straight plug, weigehorst anti offside plug, in the NIBEL block before the push to break the door, 0-2. The 59th minute, Arnold quick free kick, jincek shot hit the post, mbab make-up shot, 0-3. The 69th minute, Wolfsburg corner pass, niebel not far away from the siege, if O - Victor outside the restricted area, 0 - 4. In the 70th minute, kutuchu passes the ball, and Matongs left rib enters the forbidden area, pushes and shoots the far corner to pull back a point, 1-4.

Cologne 1-1 Frankfurt

In the stoppage period of the first half, Utrecht was shot in the restricted area of hintregge. Kainz of Cologne hit the penalty, 1-0. The 73rd minute, dakosta straight plug, Sau cross, dost push shot to level, 1-1.

Dusseldorf 1-1 Augsburg

The 10th minute, Max cross, nedlehina left baseline with the ball after two people, small angle volley, 0-1. In the 26th minute, Berisha sent a pass, and Hennessy shot the ball to the bottom right corner of the visitors goal, 1-1.

Leipzig Red Bull 0-2 Dortmund

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