Premier League - Pepes 1-2 defeat at Brighton

 Premier League - Pepes 1-2 defeat at Brighton

In the fifth minute, obamayan broke the ball in front of the court and then broke through. He directly shot from the top of the arc and kicked over the crossbeam. The 8th minute, Saka left side and lakazet short pass cooperation, Saka cross cut after the big box line near the volley, the ball kicked in the crossbeam pop.

The 20th minute, Mui left straight plug, trossad in the restricted area of small angle volley, leno confiscated the ball. The 26th minute, trossad forbidden area left side and Propper kicks the wall to cooperate, volley strength too big kick high. The 31st minute, Saka left cross, lakazet forbidden area in the middle of the fish jump to the top, the ball was Ryan flying to save.

In the 46th minute, bissoma shot far away. The 48th minute, sevalios pass, obamayan penalty area left low shot, resulting in Ryan off the ball.

The 59th minute, obamayan free kick kick kick in the wall. In the 65th minute, Saka and obamayan passed the ball continuously, lakazet passed directly, obamayan shot from the left side of the restricted area was saved by Ryan.

In the 68th minute, Saka passed the ball on the right side, and after the right side of Pepes forbidden area was cut in, his left foot shot the far corner of the goal, 0-1, Arsenal took the lead away.

The 79th minute, the obamayan forbidden area before the long-range shot, Ryan difficult save to block the ball. The 82nd minute, mustafi right cross, obamayan penalty area left side spike after passing the volley was blocked out of the baseline.

In the 95th minute, with the help of Braytons sideline ball, Connery turned his back to pass the ball in the forbidden area, mope bypassed mustafi, and the left side of the forbidden area pushed a small angle to break the goal, 2-1, Brayton smashed the post to break the goal.

At the end of the game, Arsenal lost 2-1 to Brighton.

Arsenal (442): 1-leno (4026-damien Martinez) / 2-bellelin, 20 mustafi, 16 holdin, 31 kolachinatz / 19 Pepe (8724-nelson), 8-cervalos (8728-willock), 29 gondozi, 77 Saka (873-tierney) / 9-lakazet (7830-enkatia), 14 obamayan