Bundesliga - halanders 2-0 goal for donut will lead Leipzig to the second place in the League

 Bundesliga - halanders 2-0 goal for donut will lead Leipzig to the second place in the League

DORT is in second place in the table and Leipzig is in third place by three points. DORT has ensured his qualification for the Champions League next season. In this game, Favres starting line has been adjusted to a certain extent. Sancho is on the bench, Azar and young player Reina are starting, forming the offensive line behind Harland. Ashraf was suspended for a yellow card, and Morey took his place. On the defensive line, akangi was injured, and EmrE Jan continued to play as a guest defender, partnering with jumels and pishchak. The game is Leipzigs last home game of the season and it was confirmed in the middle of the week that Germany international Werner, who will move to Chelsea, will receive gifts from the club and a small farewell ceremony for him before the match.

The 8th minute, hick forbidden area left receives the straight plug to take the ball to wade through the blocking EmrE - Zhan after the kick kick kicks high. In the 10th minute, Harland took a volley from his teammates left cross in the penalty area, but the ball hit Reina in front of the door and popped the baseline. In the 15th minute, Harland received his teammates left cross and was blocked by gulasic. A minute later, Harlands left foot shot was again held by gulasic. The 22nd minute, hick around the middle of the back to play vitsell was yellow card warning.

In the 30th minute, jumeles broke through the two defenders bags with the ball and then split the sides to the right. Brandt got the ball in front of him and knocked it across. Reina continued to cross the top of the arc to the left. The defenceless Harland pushed and broke the door, and dote 1-0. In the 40th minute, Werners left volley in the penalty area was blocked by birkys foot. Kanpur outside the penalty area shot a curling ball. Birky held the ball.

DORT led Leipzig 1-0 in the first half. In the first minute of the second half, Harland made a right cross. In the middle of Moreys forbidden area, he grabbed the shot and missed it. The ball rubbed the left column and went out of the baseline. In the 52nd minute, harands volley was shot by gulacci and blocked by the crossbeam. In the 75th minute, Leipzigs free kick on the right side, Hicks header was higher. The 85th minute. Anhlinios left rib came into the back of the penalty area and the one-on-one final shot was blocked by birky. The 89th minute, anhelinio small restricted area left side small angle volley gate but passes.

In the third minute of injury stoppage, Sancho transferred to Brandt. Brandt knocked at the bottom line. Harland stabbed the door at close range. Dott was 2-0.

In the end, DORT won 2-0 away.

Leipzig (3412): gulacic / Klosterman (46taylor Adams), upamecano, halstenberg / mukil, zabitze (39olmo), Kanpur (71hedala), anhelinho / forsbury (75kunat) / hick, Werner (71enkunku)

DORT (3421): bilki / pishchak, humels, EmrE Jan / Morey (78sangjo), Brant, vitsell, Guerrero (90zagadu) / Reina (81ballerdi), Azar (90n. Schultz) / harand

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