Because of a joke, the 21-year-old girl masquerades herself as a vegetable

 Because of a joke, the 21-year-old girl masquerades herself as a vegetable

A recent news, let me have a deep fear of losing weight.

Ms. Li, 25, had a huge stomach after eating 10 steamed buns, 4 chicken legs and 30 ice cream at one time.

If you compare the normal stomach, you can see why even the doctor exclaimed:

Ive never seen such a big stomach in the past 30 years.

Not only that, her stomach was as hard as a board, and her liver, spleen and kidney could not be touched.

The contractile function of the stomach is limited, and being stretched so much is a huge risk in itself.

If there is gastric perforation, or acute gastric rupture, leading to septic shock, life is at stake.

Maybe youll be wondering, isnt it a good idea to lose weight? How can you still make your stomach bigger?

This is also the problem.

The reason why Ms. Li wants to lose weight is not her motivation, but her boyfriends dislike.

This made her feel deeply inferiority.

So she took a shortcut to lose weight: over dieting.

She thought that as long as she didnt eat, her body would not make ends meet, and her weight would soon fall.

Unfortunately, as much as appetite is suppressed, the rebound is as intense.

Those missed delicacies will become poisons at some time, destroying her achievements of restraint for a long time.

There is a word on the Internet called body shame.

As the name implies, because the body is divorced from the mainstream aesthetic, it is criticized by others, or regarded as a joke, which belongs to body shame.

Jia Pingwa said in his prose about women:

The conventional beauty is directly linked with thin.

Therefore, it is often women who suffer from body humiliation.

They may not want to lose weight much, but they cant bear the ridicule of people around them.

Because she was fat, she was secretly photographed, marked a large love handles (swimming circle) ;

Xiaoqian, a 21-year-old female college student, is 1.67 meters tall and originally weighs 110 Jin.

Once, because the counselor said, youve gained weight recently. It became her biggest heart attack.

She began to go on a crazy diet. She lost weight to 50 Jin and almost became a skeleton.

Maybe there was a miracle. Xiao Qian, who had been sleeping for more than a month, woke up suddenly and fell in love with eating.

At last, she didnt treat herself badly, but the price was that she had gone through a hell of a time.

Lanlangs wife, Gina, is too big to find fault with.

Short legs, thick arms, big chest

In the end, it concludes that Ginas figure is not only low, but also too catering to the straight mans aesthetic.

Its really low to talk about other peoples bodies and think that you are pointing out the country!

In the talent show camp creation 2020, there is a game of measuring waistline, with the width ranging from 18.5 to 35cm.

The contestants didnt seem to feel unhappy. They held their breath one by one and made the challenge step by step.

In fact, this is not disguised body discrimination?

Womens standard figure, defined to death, is in itself a kind of malice, a kind of control.

This means that their figure is like a display cabinet, with countless pairs of eyes staring at their back.

Its terrible to think about it!

In such a harsh environment, some women have to cater desperately.

There was even a fear of eating and a deep anxiety about food slipping into the stomach.

The movie skinny tells the story of such people.

She became extremely sensitive to the heat of the food.

She will strictly calculate the calorie content of each food. As much as she eats, she will have to burn as much.

To make sure the body doesnt have extra energy.

Vomit and exercise are the most efficient killer mace.

She put food in her mouth, but did not swallow it;

Shell do push ups, and shell always have congestion in her spine.

The most poignant thing is that even when she lies in the hospital bed, the first thing she wakes up is not to check her health, but to pinch her arm.

The most worrying thing is that she never thought it was a disease:

Thin is thin, but there are many sequelae:

The body fat is almost zero, the fat is too little and the heat preservation effect is too weak; amenorrhea, the body resistance is reduced, the sex is cold, not only prone to syncope, but also suicidal tendency.

A good meal, originally the most easily touched happiness, has become their biggest extravagant hope.

And those lost weight, even if make up again, the body damage is irreversible.

I never think its a mistake to pursue a good figure.

But what is good body?

Is it unique and objective?

Women who believe in blind weight loss seldom think about it.

Because they get carried away by some kind of standard answer.

A few days ago, there was a BM girls height and weight control table popular network.

Visible want to be BM girl threshold how high!

Many women who blindly follow the trend, regardless of the gap between ideal and reality, try their best to catch up with this wave.

In order to wear the BM brand, a girl of 120 Jin had liposuction operation on her thigh and calf.

After the operation, the legs were bruised and people were scared.

For a piece of clothing, it took three months to have liposuction operations on big and small legs and waist and abdomen. Also full of pride.

Because they fail to meet the standard of BM girl, some people fall into a deep inferiority complex.

Clothes are used as a foil to adapt to different shapes;

Now, status has been reversed, allowing the body to cater to clothing.

Its sad to think about it.

Russell said, its important to know that diversity is the source of happiness.

The beauty of women should not be monopolized by the word thin.

How single and tedious that would be.

In fact, whether its fat or thin, its just a neutral adjective.

Thin has a thin demeanor;

Fat, but also fat self-confidence and calm.

Most of the time, women dont look beautiful because they are fat, but because they are anxious about their body, they question their charm.

Last year, Douban goose group had a top 20 favorite female stars selection, and Jia Ling, who had no physical advantage, ranked first.

So is Jialing. She said:

No matter in the works or in life, when you see a fat and ugly girl like me, who can still live a positive life in the face of all kinds of miseries, I believe you can also add a little courage to live an optimistic life!

Although it is self mockery, we can see full of optimism.

This is another style of women:

Live for yourself, not trapped in a pile of numbers.

Once read a sentence, cant manage your weight, how to manage your life.

Thats a lot of talk.

In order to show their self-discipline, and then recklessly, to control their weight, how to look at all is willing to die.

Most of these people live in the expectation of others.

Women with weight freedom can lose weight in order to please themselves, or be a happy fat man.

They can define their lives.

Thats the biggest attraction for women.

Author: Yu Yichen