Young you: if my child is Chen Nian, what should I do?

 Young you: if my child is Chen Nian, what should I do?

She is exclusive in the dormitory. Everyone else should cooperate with her if she wants to do anything. If she has a few words, she will be violent in language, even in body.

Ive seen her slap one girl in the dormitory, and Ive seen her throw all the other girls things out.

And I, is the only one she can look at differently, probably because my family background is also good, let her have fear. But watching her bullying others, I really cant accept it.

At that time, I always thought, why is the world so ugly?

Later, when we graduated from University, no one had any contact with her again. That memory also became the only noise in my beautiful four years.

But when I have a child, that bad memory occasionally reappears. Until I saw you, I didnt slow down for a long time.

Yes, all parents in the world are the same. It doesnt matter what kind of suffering they suffer, but they just dont want their children to suffer. I can now understand how hard my parents would have suffered when I was suffering from such mental torture.

If my child is Chen Nian, what should I do? This is probably the most profound reflection of many parents like me after watching this movie.

Theyve been bullying me, cant you see?

Chongqing is a city with character, which can be seen from its landform. No matter where you go, Chongqing is full of ups and downs, edges and corners, and many stairs. The whole city is like a maze.

Its really appropriate to use this kind of terrain to depict a dark youth.

Young you is adapted from the novel young you, so beautiful. Chen Nian, played by Zhou Dongyu, is introverted and has a good study. Entering a good university is her only idea in senior three, but she is trapped in the whirlpool of fate because of campus bullying.

Xiaobei, played by Yishuai Qianxi, is a little gangster. After dropping out of school, he began to wander the streets. He was confused and lost confidence in life. Because of all kinds of opportunities, they met each other, and Xiaobei became the protector of Chen Nian from then on.

At the beginning of the movie, there was a bloody scene. Hu Xiaodie, Chen Nians classmate, was bullied on campus and committed suicide.

In the movie, Hu Xiaodie asks Chen Nian, they have been bullying me. Why dont you do something? In the original book, Hu Xiaodie asked Chen Nian, they have been bullying me, cant you see?

In these two words, a childs helplessness and anger are expressed incisively and vividly. Yes, why do we all know the existence of campus bullying, but we all turn a blind eye to it and never want to do anything?

In the days and nights after being bullied, Chen Nian always thought: what did I do wrong? Why me?

There are fictional and exaggerated elements in young you, but things like Hu Xiaodie being bullied and Chen Nian being laughed at by the whole class are very common.

And many adults around always report that more is better than less. They wont take care of it until there is a human life. This is probably the basic reason why campus bullying has always existed and even intensified.

When I watch you, the voice of questioning reverberates in my mind all the time. Cant you see it? Yeah, cant you see?

Why is there campus bullying?

To know how to solve campus bullying, we need to know what campus bullying is.

Campus bullying is a dominant problem in all countries and regions around the world. It mainly refers to the event that the strong side attacks the weak side with insulting physical and mental attacks, and through repeated implementation or dissemination, the bullied students suffer physical and mental injuries. Insulting physical and mental attacks include physical bullying, verbal bullying, small group isolation and exclusion, Internet bullying, etc.

All of them are children. Where do the young people who are bullies come from?

Every child is born with a piece of white paper. Their character formation is the result of a series of external environmental factors such as family, school and society.

Like Wei Lai in the movie, she has a rich family, a sweet face and good grades. Her teachers and classmates all like her very much.

However, her parents have a very high demand for her. From childhood, their demand for her is perfect and best. In the year of her re reading, her father hardly talks to her.

It is because of such family environment that Willys heart becomes distorted. She becomes the bullied in the family, so when she comes to school, she becomes the bullied, and in the pleasure of bullying others, she can eliminate the insecurity of high pressure and lack of love in the family.

In fact, this is well understood. According to research data, 50% of the perpetrators come from abusive families. Many people who have the habit of domestic violence live in a family full of domestic violence. Although they hate this kind of life, they have become the most annoying in the subtle.

This is actually a kind of psychological disease, so the family, as the most critical place for childrens growth, must pay attention to this problem, do not always use some unrealistic goals to demand children, and ignore the normal psychological needs of children.

And as a school, its even more so. The teachers excessive attention to the results in young you has also become the key point that he does not pay attention to childrens physical and mental health. Everyone takes the college entrance examination as the ultimate goal every day, and may not implement the moral education, life education and legal education related to students.

After the campus is broken, the whole social mechanism and system have not been able to keep up. When the children are bullied, the police and teachers let go of the bullies for the reasons of the college entrance examination is coming soon and its too difficult to obtain evidence, which makes them more unscrupulous.

All these reasons make campus bullying more and more fierce.

So in young you, Chen Nian asked the pregnant policewoman, do you dare to let your child be born in such a world?

This sentence, let the female police officer mute, also let us all the people watching the movie mute.

Yeah, dare you?

In the movie, the role of Xiao Bei and Chen Nian is to contrast these indifferent people.

Facing the fall, everyone was busy taking photos and sending wechat messages. Only Chen Nian covered her clothes. In the face of bullying, everyone pretends not to see it, only Chen Nian chooses to call the police.

But because of this only goodness, Chen Nian became the next bully. The bystanders are safe, but they are implicated in stopping evil.

Zeng Guoxiang asked Xiao Bei and Chen Nian, two teenagers who were in the gutter, to protect, warm and save each other. They protected their last stand in the world with their own courage.

After seeing them, we have to admit that youth is not only bright and beautiful, but also dark and confused.

As Milan Kundera said: youth is a terrible thing. It is a stage on which children in high boots and make-up clothes trample. They pretend to say what they remember, what they believe fervently but understand half. As the writer Jin Renshun also said: I cant see how much beauty youth has. On the contrary, adolescence is like manglin, with traps and crises, full of violence and death. A walk is a mistake, a life of failure.

How can I protect you, my child?

Since becoming a mother, Im especially afraid to see works related to children, especially to see adaptation based on real events

I used to watch dear you, Princess Han and mom dont cry. When I saw young you, there was a suffocating helplessness.

Campus bullying is still a problem that has no solution, because it is difficult to change this matter by virtue of personal strength, only relying on the joint efforts of family, school, society, law, system and police.

Wei Lais mother didnt know her daughter. She thought she was very simple. Chen Nians mother didnt care about her daughter and couldnt protect her. Xiao Bei was also a little gangster who was abandoned by her parents.

If their parents were not, maybe this tragedy would not happen.

As for teachers, we should not only care about learning but also about life, so that we can find problems in time and solve them.

As for the whole society, we should pay more attention to this problem and solve it from the source, rather than waiting for irreparable harm to happen before we want to solve it.

Let more people pay attention to campus bullying and think about ways to reduce campus bullying, which should be the real significance of young you.

The world owes too much to children. Only more people pay attention and work together can we create a better living environment for children and make them grow up healthily and happily.

Young you is not only a movie about social problems, nor a lyric love movie. It is the revelation of real life, which gives us a new understanding of young people.

The world is not bad or bad. In many cases, gray is the main theme. I dont want my children to be Chen Nian, let alone Wei Lai and Xiao Bei. I hope every child can have a bright face.

If we want to do this, we adults need to first understand how to let love and good come to them before evil, and then guide all children on the right path.

It may be a long way to go, but we need you and me to work together to change from now on.

Im Xi Yan, a columnist, a young girl who is neither old-fashioned nor old-minded. She likes to write warm words and do sensitive programs. She has published the rest of your life is about me. If you have a story, please come to me.