Tong Liya & the case of brother-in-law of Yishuai Qianxi, who is more unjust?

 Tong Liya & the case of brother-in-law of Yishuai Qianxi, who is more unjust?

Tong Liya took part in a program to comment on the dancers.

Long like this.

Then tongliya said in a low voice, its a bit like Yishuo Qianxi.

As for Geng Zibo, its not like yishuqian Xi. Everyone has his own opinion.

But there are three groups of people on the Internet:

The first wave of people took the opportunity to ridicule the poor appearance of yishuqianxi.

The second wave of people, scolded Tong Liya as a elder sister, low EQ, unable to speak, resulting in the murder of his younger brother yishue Qianxi Fengping.

The third group accused Yis fans of being glassy, because Tong Liya could not let go of her careless words.

For a while, the screen was full of elder sister and younger brother.

Although these three groups of people are all in the name of some fans, there is no way to find out whether they are real fans or black fans.


The bustle of tongliya and yijianqianxi reminds me of the plot in a dream of Red Mansions.

On Baochais birthday, Jias mother specially invited the opera troupe to perform.

One of them is very beautiful.

When Sister Feng saw her, she said with a smile, this child looks like a person. You cant see it again.

Only Shi Xiangyun said, its like sister Lin.

The story is here, nothing.

But Baoyu listened and tried hard to wink at Xiangyun to make her stop talking.

Xiangyun was so angry that he went back to the house to pack his luggage and quarreled to leave: whats the point of looking at other peoples faces here!

Baoyu chases up and appeases her, to the effect that your sister Lin has a small mind. Im afraid you offend her, so Ill wink at you. Its just for you.

Unexpectedly, Dai Yu just listened to this remark.

Daiyu was naturally angry and had a quarrel with Baoyu.

And its Baoyus fault.

As a bystander, Baoyu said too much!

For a while, he felt that Xiangyun was too straight and had low Eq. for a while, he was worried that Daiyu was small-minded and easy to get revenge.

As a result, both sides were not flattered, and they almost alienated the relationship between Daiyu and Xiangyun.


Speaking is an art and requires high Eq.

Good speaking art can not only avoid fighting, but also enhance friendship.

Even called Zhao Liying successor, Zhao Liying 2.0.

As a new flower, Zhao Ruth heard such words and quickly expressedu2014u2014

Please dont do that! I dont know how many years I have to play before I can put it on the same topic with sister Liying.

Please dont kill me!

In just a few words, he not only made it clear that he didnt borrow Zhao Liying, but also praised her highly and avoided controversy.

Even if Zhao Liying heard it, she would not feel offended.

Similarly, singer Zhao Xiaotang, recently referred to as face butting comedian Lin Yongjian.

People who have seen Wang GUI and Anna all know that Lin Yongjians most distinctive feature is a pair of small eyes, which are very pleasing.

As a young and beautiful female singer, she is accused of bumping her face with funny uncle. If she changes to someone else, she may be a little unhappy.

But Zhao Xiaotang simply took advantage of the hot spot to get work for himself: its my honor to be like Mr. Lin Yongjian, which shows that Im very malleable. I hope directors can see me and I can challenge more roles.

Lin Yongjian praised the microblog, and both sides were happy.


Talented people are always similar. I just like their toughness, Tong said in response

On the contrary, when we praise others, we say that they are similar to so and so. So and so are often the perfect existence in our mind.

For example, Wang Xifeng saw Lin Daiyu at first sight. How to say?

She said: unlike the granddaughter of the old ancestor, its like the granddaughter of her own family

The granddaughter of the eldest granddaughter, Yingchun, Tanchun and Xichun, are all nearby, and none of them is unhappy.

Because obviously this is to praise Lin Daiyu, but also to praise them.

Tong Liya blurted out because in her opinion, Geng Zibo, the dancer, is really excellent.

And yisuqian seal is especially good, which can be used as a benchmark to praise others.

If you understand the logic, you will find that Tong Liya, the elder sister, actually appreciates her younger brother yishue Qianxi.

Shi Xiangyun also really thinks that sister Lin looks very good.

Only the precious jade sandwiched in the middle is not only talkative and fussy, but also boring.

At the end of the story, Baoyu was sullen and fell asleep.

Seeing this, Daiyu stealthily took the ink from his desk and showed it to Xiangyun and Baochai. They laughed together.