La Liga - Wu Lei starts three consecutive rounds without bright spots Spanish 1-3 returns to the bottom of the list

 La Liga - Wu Lei starts three consecutive rounds without bright spots Spanish 1-3 returns to the bottom of the list

[wonderful moment

In less than 1 minute, Campania turned around to shoot at the top of the arc, and the ball slightly deviated from the right column.

In the 7th minute, Victors right side of midfield cut the ball from the foot of vukecevic and then crossed the ball. Kaleris arc top edge kept getting rid of it and shot a little higher.

In the 13th minute, barhys middle road made a long break to the left side of the penalty area to shoot, and goalkeeper Diego Lopez bravely saved the ball.

In the 28th minute, kavrela threw a wide throw from the right side into the forbidden area. David Lopez got rid of meleros defense and threw the ball into the far corner of the goal. The Spaniard drew 1-1!

In the 53rd minute, embarba arched and pushed the ball forward, which was confiscated by goalkeeper etor.

In the 55th minute, Harvey Lopez crossed from the right side of the penalty area, and carlelli pulled back and fell to the ground and was shot by goalkeeper etor.

The 67th minute, Morales left cross, barsi arc top forward straight plug ball to find Morales was intercepted, the ball returned to his feet again, barsi restricted area low shot, Levant again will score, 2-1!

In the 73rd minute, balsi shot a cold arrow from the left and goalkeeper Diego Lopez saved the ball.

The 74th minute, Levante left corner cross, bostigo in front of the strafe, Diego Lopez bravely saved the ball.

The 87th minute, Levante left-hand cross, the substitute came out of Pedrosa forbidden area in the middle of the inadvertently put own oolong, Levante 3-1 lead!

In the end, the Spaniard lost 3-1 at home to Levant.

Spanish (442): 13 Diego Lopez; 17 didak (763-pedrosa), 18 kavrela, 15 David Lopez, 16 Harvey Lopez; 23 embarba, 21 Roca, 4 Victor (769-ferreira), 14 merondo; 12 carlelli, 7 Wulie (6810-dadel);

Unused substitutes: 2-pipa, 5-naldo, 8-ituraspe, 22-vargas, 24-kalero, 25-oyer, 26-lotsano, 31-campsano, 33-melamed

Levant (442): 13 etor; 19 Crick, 14 vizo, 15 bostigo, 20 miramon; 24 Campania, 22 melero (638-ernani), 17 takecevic (725-ladoya), 10 BArch; 9 Marti, 21 mayoral (6311-morales);

Unused substitutes: 1-cork Vegas, 3-tonio, 4-pell, 6-duarte, 7-leon, 18 Bruno, 23 cork, 36 Martinez, 43 Jorge