Who says I cant get married: in front of true love, there is a kind of giving called willing

 Who says I cant get married: in front of true love, there is a kind of giving called willing


But have you ever thought about it? Eileen Chang is a writer, whose inner world is rich. Her native family, as we all know, is so devastated. How eager is she for love? Zhang Ailing married twice, one was Hu Lancheng, the other was Lai ya. The existence of Hu Lancheng is of great significance to Zhang Ailing. That is willing to pay, its hard to say. Does a smart woman like Zhang Ailing have a love brain? When I break up, its like this: I wont be short-sighted, I cant love others anymore, I will just wither.


Lets look at Zhu Dan. Her humble theory is not entirely untrue. Dont you have to consider the tone and manner of Zhou Yiwei when he said this sentence? Between the lines, it cant convey the complex feelings of human beings. Zhou Yiwei may feel that his wife is not up to her standard in acting. But in the family, in the marriage - how about the circumference? Zhu Dan is the most clear. It is willing to pay here. Listen, its not wishful thinking. So why judge Zhu Dan unhappy? Why judge Zhou Yiweis attitude towards his wife?


Look at who says I cant get married again. True love is the biggest premise. If it is not you love me and I love you, then such willing has no meaning. As Ding Shiya did to Lin Zhongxin, she has paid no regrets in the past six years. She didnt think of herself as an employee of CITIC Lin, and of course she didnt think of herself as the owner of the beauty salon. But do you want to contribute to Lin CITIC with all your heart? Whats the result? They turn around and marry Bai Fumei. Ding Shiya, like a fool, thought that sooner or later Lin Zhongxin would be moved.


Or willingly, this time its not about giving; its about the sacrifice of red fruits. People are more or less selfish. Not necessarily willing to sacrifice personal interests, so this is also a measure of true love. Xu Haifeng and Tian Lei both have the chance to compete for the gold medal lawyer. They are equally matched. Tian leizhi is sure to win, although she is not sure how to win. At this time, Xu Haifeng directly gave up the opportunity of competition. None of the forms have been handed in. What is this? Love is completion, love is giving, love is sacrifice. Although, this is not what I advocate.


In front of true love, there is a kind of giving called willing. (Wen / piaoyutang) I understand, although there is no chance to accept it. But please dont directly dislike pay or sacrifice as soon as you see it. Lets analyze the specific problems! Youll find out how good it is to be willing. Because the other side is worth it, so you have no regrets. The process of giving is also the process of love. You are happy, happy. Such emotional experience is unparalleled, even if it is hard and tired again - the face is full of happiness. I think its very good!