Werner leads Germanys top 10 most expensive players in the Premier League

 Werner leads Germanys top 10 most expensive players in the Premier League

Of the top 10 most expensive German players, half of the transfers are made by wealthy Premier League teams. Among them are Ludwig, Werners transfer to Chelsea, the Gunners who attracted Mustafa and Ozil, sanes transfer to Manchester City.

Shalke 04, who trains menoir abroad and has an excellent youth training system, is also a big winner in the transfer market. In the top 10 transfer of the leading role of the top teams, shark, a non top team, has appeared on the list three times, and all of them are players exporters. Corell was sold to Paris Saint Germain in 2018 / 19, drakesler to Wolfsburg in 2015 / 16, sane was sold to Manchester City at a high price in 2016 / 17 and three times to different clubs.

Draxler is the only player on the list twice, but when he moved from Wolfsburg to Paris Saint Germain again, his value had dropped from 43 million euros to 36 million euros, which also reflects sharks accuracy in timing and price when selling players.

Although Wiener took the place of sane and won the title of the most expensive player in Germany four years later than the latter, there may be inflation during this period, but considering that Wieners transfer occurred after the epidemic and the financial situation of European clubs is generally tight, its transfer gold content is still quite high.

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