Lin Zhengyue: the SAR government fully supports Hong Kongs Safeguarding of national security law

 Lin Zhengyue: the SAR government fully supports Hong Kongs Safeguarding of national security law

Just now, in response to a statement issued by the chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin zhengyuee, said that the SAR government fully supports Hong Kong in safeguarding its national security law and will perform its duties to ensure the effective implementation of relevant laws in Hong Kong.

The statement stressed that maintaining national security is the constitutional responsibility of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the enactment of laws on maintaining national security at the national level is a major measure taken by the central government to improve the system of one country, two systems and ensure the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, taking into account the actual situation of Hong Kong.

The statement said that since the decision of the National Peoples Congress on establishing and improving the legal system and implementation mechanism of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for safeguarding national security (hereinafter referred to as the decision) was adopted at the third session of the 13th National Peoples Congress on May 28, the chief executive and relevant key officials were first arranged to express their opinions to the central leading group for Hong Kong and Macao work on June 3. In the summary of the notes to the draft, the SAR government pointed out that the relevant parties had carefully studied the opinions and suggestions reflected by the SAR government, fully considered the actual situation of Hong Kong, and in the spirit of absorbing as much as possible, repeatedly revised and improved the text of the draft law, which was gratifying, especially an important working principle grasped, followed and embodied in the process of drafting the relevant law, namely Taking into account the differences between the two regions, we will make great efforts to handle the connection, compatibility and complementarity between the Hong Kong SARs national security law and the relevant national laws and the local laws of the Hong Kong SAR.

Article 4 of the decision clearly stipulates that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall establish and improve institutions and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security, strengthen law enforcement forces and strengthen law enforcement for safeguarding national security. The SAR government agreed that the draft proposed that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region should establish a national security committee chaired by the chief executive, and set up full-time departments in the police force and the Department of justice, which are responsible for the main tasks of maintaining national security. The SAR government is carrying out relevant preparations.

Finally, the statement said that the formulation of the law on safeguarding national security in the Hong Kong SAR is to effectively prevent, stop and punish any four types of criminal acts that split the country, subvert the state power, terrorist activities, collude with foreign countries or foreign forces and endanger national security. It is aimed at a very small number of people who violate the law and commit crimes. It guarantees the lives and property of the vast majority of Hong Kong residents and all kinds of crimes enjoyed according to law Fundamental rights and freedoms. According to the summary of the notes, the draft law clearly stipulates that the law of the Hong Kong SAR on safeguarding national security should follow the important principles of the rule of law, including conviction and punishment in accordance with the law, presumption of innocence, protection of the rights of criminal suspects, and respect and guarantee of the rights and freedoms applicable to Hong Kong in accordance with the basic law and relevant international conventions; these explicit provisions should be able to release public doubts. In fact, since the adoption of the decision, the relevant central authorities have repeatedly stressed that the relevant legislation will adhere to the principle of one country, two systems, Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy, and will not affect the capitalist system and the legal system of the SAR that Hong Kong implements.

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