Many people criticized the US for signing the Xinjiang related bill: rough interference in Chinas internal affairs

 Many people criticized the US for signing the Xinjiang related bill: rough interference in Chinas internal affairs

Andre manoilo, a professor in the Political Department of Moscow State University, Russia, pointed out that the issue related to Xinjiang is not a human rights issue at all, but an anti terrorist and anti secession issue. China has made great progress in anti-terrorism and de radicalization in recent years, but this situation makes some political forces in the United States feel against their will, so they attack Chinas anti-terrorism and de radicalization efforts under the pretext of safeguarding Uyghur human rights, and attempt to provoke conflicts, destabilize the situation and curb Chinas development among all ethnic groups and religions. The U.S. signed the Xinjiang related bill into law, and its gross interference in Chinas internal affairs is intolerable.

Tulsunali kuzyev, a professor of the world language university of Uzbekistan, once served as the Minister of culture and sports of Uzbekistan. He has visited Xinjiang for more than 30 years, witnessing the great changes in Xinjiangs economy and society. He said that the reason why Xinjiang has made such great achievements in development is due to the correct policies of the Chinese government. The problems related to Xinjiang are not human rights, nationality and religion at all, but anti violence, anti terrorism and anti secession. As a sovereign state, China has the right to take all measures to maintain its stability and security.

Shamsul Ariafall, a political analyst in Afghanistan, said that the signing of the frontier related bill by the United States under the guise of human rights is a gross interference in Chinas internal affairs and a violation of the basic norms of international law and international relations. American politicians are not qualified to criticize other countries internal affairs. They should take a good look at their own serious racial discrimination. Any sovereign country has the right to take measures to safeguard national sovereignty, protect national interests and choose the development path. From what I have seen and heard in China, Xinjiangs economic and social development is harmonious and stable, which benefits from the correct policy of the Chinese government to govern Xinjiang. Arianfar said.

In recent years, Chinas anti-terrorism and de radicalization efforts have made us see a peaceful and stable Xinjiang, where peoples religious freedom is fully guaranteed, all ethnic groups are united on an equal footing, there is no ethnic discrimination and people live a happy life.

Banbang surjono, President of Indonesia Asian innovation research center, believes that in recent years, China has made outstanding achievements in promoting anti-terrorism and de extreme efforts in Xinjiang, and made remarkable achievements in Xinjiangs economic and social development. Despite the above facts, the United States, under the guise of human rights, is determined to sign the Xinjiang related bill into law. This is a naked interference in Chinas internal affairs and the most incisive embodiment of the United States pursuit of double standards. This move is entirely motivated by containing Chinas development, rather than really caring about human rights and development in Xinjiang. Such hegemonic behavior is bound to be rejected and opposed by the international community.

Ananda gunatilak, President of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka China Friendship Association, pointed out that Xinjiang affairs are purely Chinas internal affairs. As a victim of terrorism, the United States should support Chinas counter-terrorism efforts, but it should implement double standards on counter-terrorism and human rights issues. It is the latest example of the hegemonic U.S. governments interference in other countries internal affairs, trampling on the basic norms of international law and international relations, and the latest step to damage Chinas sovereignty. Its bad intentions are obvious.

Peter cagvania, chief executive of the Kenya Institute for African policy, said that interfering in the internal affairs of other countries in the name of safeguarding human rights was a routine of the United States. China advocates national equality and unity, protects the development of national culture, and adheres to anti-terrorism and de radicalization. For more than three years, there has not been a case of violent terrorism in Xinjiang, which is enough to show the success of the policy of the Chinese government.

Milosh saulaya, a professor at the Banja Luka School of Political Science in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that American politicians are used to fabricating and duplicating for political benefit. China is a big country universally respected in the international arena. Provocation and stigmatization of China will not bring any substantive benefits to the United States.

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