A thousand people rob five suites! Shenzhen real estate market hit new hot buy is to earn?

 A thousand people rob five suites! Shenzhen real estate market hit new hot buy is to earn?

Recently, the new Jinan Haina mansion in Baoan Central District, which has already been sold out, has suddenly released 5 sets of houses and opened the market by means of lottery notarization. 5 sets of new houses opened by lottery, this number refreshes the lower limit of the number of sets opened by Shenzhen lottery.

According to the public information, the new Jinan Haina mansion announced the sale of 5 sets of residential products, including 89 flat and 116 flat apartment types, with an average price of 95000 / flat. More news points out that more than 1000 people have subscribed in just two days.

Earlier, when the reporter investigated in Baoan District, the sales staff of the new Jinan Haina mansion had said that the house had been sold out. Some sales and intermediary personnel said that the five houses released this time should be the houses returned by previous buyers due to the failure of loan approval. Five new houses will also be opened by shaking their numbers, mainly under the pressure of supervision. It is reported that Baoan District Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau has ordered all residential projects to be sold in the form of entrusted notarization, public subscription, lottery and house selection. If it is found that real estate development enterprises and intermediary agencies charge tea drinking fee and name change fee for non equivalent fees, they will be punished jointly with the market supervision department.

Previously, Baoan District Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau also carried out in-depth special rectification actions, visited and interviewed relevant enterprises, and urged real estate enterprises to standardize their business behaviors, in view of the situation that some real estate projects in Baoan District were sold with limited prices and the supply of houses was determined by netizens and the masses.

In addition to Baoan Central District, the recent new market entry actions of all districts in the city are continuous. On June 11, the rongyuhuafu project of Guangming Financial Street obtained the pre-sale certificate, and the project was registered in good faith online from June 16 to June 20; the offline notarial house selection was conducted on June 23. The gold collar of Shenzhen property, located in Huanggang District of Futian, also began to be subscribed. The subscription time for more than 700 sets of 65m2 single apartments will be June 22, and the online opening will be on the evening of June 23.

Zheng shulun, general manager of Zhongyuan in Shenzhen, said the pace of opening in June is expected to be greatly accelerated. In the first five months of the first half of this year, affected by factors such as the Spring Festival and the epidemic situation, the market supply was seriously insufficient. In June, Shenzhen planned to enter the market for nearly 20 properties, which is expected to alleviate the shortage of supply in the new housing market.

Before that, Shenzhen housing construction bureau comprehensively and carefully combed the housing and business apartment projects planned to enter the market, which have been supplied and stored, and announced them to the whole society. According to the data, in the second half of 2020, there are 109 residential and business apartment projects planned to enter the market in Shenzhen, with an estimated supply area of 6.0188 million square meters, 69350 sets, including 4.9055 million square meters of residential buildings, 50618 sets; 1.1133 million square meters of commercial apartments, 18732 sets.

Aiming at the real estate with high exposure and hype, Shenzhen Real Estate Agency Association said that it would regularly issue the observation table of Shenzhen hot real estate quotation data on the basis of comprehensive online real estate information, aiming to transmit the difference between the real transaction price and the virtual high quotation real estate to consumers and the market, and the observation table in June was officially published.

According to the data of the opening and closing, the opening volume of the three buildings of Mangrove West Bank, shengtaoshajun Park and Xinghe Yinhu Valley is relatively large, and the reference average price of the quotation comparison area has increased significantly. Among them, the closing situation of shengtaoshajun Park in each platform for nearly 90 days is one set, and the closing is not strong, but it is found by retrospective comparison of the closing price at the beginning of the year or the end of last year, The transaction price has jumped about 20000 yuan per square meter. However, Zhuyuan community is affected by the recent housing events in Shenzhen Gaonan school district. Due to its one class of integral advantages, individual housing prices have jumped.

A senior employee in the marketing department of real estate enterprises told reporters that under the impact of the epidemic, prices in some areas of Shenzhen can still rise like this, which is a little confusing. In the short term, the next few months should be a relatively calm period for Shenzhens property market.

Shenzhen real estate association once again pointed out that a stable and healthy real estate market is not only in the interests of consumers, but also in the long-term development interests of the real estate intermediary industry. In addition to a small number of real estate speculation groups getting improper benefits, Shenzhens urban development expectations, urban competitiveness, the cost and quality of life of each resident, as well as the real practitioners of the real estate intermediary industry, will be for them Tired. Real estate agents and institutions must establish a clear awareness: participation in real estate speculation is contrary to the fundamental principle of real estate is not speculation, which is harmful to the long-term interests of the industry. They must strictly resist, actively report, and jointly promote the stability and order of Shenzhen real estate market.