These are the people who speak and shut up. Dont make deep acquaintance with them

 These are the people who speak and shut up. Dont make deep acquaintance with them

So, in our life, how can we see the quality of the people we meet who are of different kinds and conduct?

As the saying goes, speech is the voice of the heart, and speech is the character.

A persons conduct can be seen through his words.

These are the people who open their mouths and shut their mouths. Their character will not be so good. Do not make deep acquaintance.

01. Mischievous remarks

In such a large society, some people are aboveboard, some say one, some say two; some are insidious, smooth, and fond of gossiping; some cant see the good of others, and they add insult to others.

The so-called, the heart is a gentleman, the heart is not a villain. What a person says is often what kind of person he is.

There is a fable:

Lions and tigers are good friends. They often go out for food together and share food together. The fox was very envious, so he complimented each other with all kinds of good words, hoping to become friends with them. The lion and the tiger agreed, and began to share the food with the fox.

After the feast, the fox thought again: the lions and tigers have such a good relationship. If they cant find their prey one day, they will eat me together! Id better start first, to provoke their relationship and make them hate each other.

After the decision was made, the fox said a lot of bad things about the tiger to the lion in private. Then, he sneaked to the place where the tiger lived and slandered.

However, the strategy was finally discovered, and it became a dish for lions and tigers.

The fox in the story is just like some villains in the reality. He is good at reversing the black and white and stirring up the discord, so that he can sit and reap the benefits.

In their eyes, there is no so-called friend, only their own interests.

When you have such people around you, say bad things to others three times or four times, or constantly tell you how others arrange you, then you should be vigilant.

Seeing Zhihu, someone asked: is it a kind of performance of lacking courage and sense of responsibility that a person never dare to promise?

I want to say that commitment is one thing, and whether we can achieve it is another.

If the promise has been said and left behind, then its better to never agree;

In life, many people should have heard such words:

Dont worry, its on me.;

Ill ask for you later. Youll wait for my answer.

However, when you really ask him for help, he always has a hundred reasons to refuse; at that time, he promised you everything, but afterwards he forgot everything and assumed that he had nothing to do with himself.

Sometimes, it may be just a small thing, but it really reflects a persons character: always glib, like to fool, no responsibility.

The doctrine of the mean says: sincerity is the beginning of things, not sincerity is nothing. Thats why a gentlemans sincerity is precious.

Integrity is a word that weighs a thousand pounds for a man of good conduct, but is lighter than a feather for a man without virtue or virtue.

People do not stand up without trust. If you associate with people who do not trust, it will only make your life more and more messy. Its better to stay away from them.

False lies

A soldier was chased by the enemy. When he met the farmer on the way, he asked for help. The farmer hid him in his hut.

Soon the enemy came after him and asked the farmer if he had seen a soldier passing by?

The farmer said he didnt see it, but his hand quietly pointed to the place where the soldiers were hiding. Unfortunately, the enemy didnt notice the farmers gesture and left soon.

After the enemy left, the soldier left without thanking the farmer. The farmer scolded him for not being grateful.

The soldier replied, if you have the same heart, I will thank you..

In the story, the farmer shows his charity to the soldier, makes the soldier appreciate him, and sells without hesitation to please the enemy. Both sides want to get benefits.

This is a typical two faced person. In front of you smile, full of benevolence, righteousness and morality, secretly but often hidden evil, thinking about how to get benefits from you.

In modern society, there are more and more plastic friendship. Dont trust people.

Some peoples sweet words may be lies for the sake of profit;

Some people who say theyre willing to cut corners on your behalf may turn around and push you into the abyss.

When you meet people who are hypocritical and full of lies, it is the best choice to stay away from them.

Making friends is a big event in your life, which affects your success or failure in your life.

Good friends can help you and make you benefit a lot, while bad friends will be the stumbling block on your way, which will bring you endless harm.

Therefore, it is very important to know what kind of people can communicate with and what kind of people cant.

If in the process of communication, a persons mouth is full of bad words, empty words and lies, then his heart must be lack of sincerity, and his character is even worse.

Contact with such people will only be harmful and useless, and even pay a heavy price for it.