See you eat salmon posture, you know how hypocritical!

 See you eat salmon posture, you know how hypocritical!

And then Ill show myselfu2014u2014

I never eat raw salmon, neither does my wife.

Eating animal carcasses raw, I believe its barbarian behavior, not evolved well. The taste is also poor. If you cant make it, you have diarrhea.

Cooked food is the basic sign of human evolution. It reduces all kinds of germs, is healthier for the body and digestive system, and has better taste and taste.

The implication is that if you eat salmon, it means you are not civilized and have not evolved well.

So, who likes salmon?

Eating salmon raw and claiming to like more women than men, most of them dont earn a lot of money, he said, without data support. Eating salmon with real rich people, I dont eat them once.

In his opinion, why do people eat salmon?

Thats because many of your women dont really have money. They just like to dress up as 13. Unlike Wang Jianlin, they have a successful career and a big family, but they like to eat dumplings.


Its a shame that someone flipped through his micro blog and found that he had eaten salmon raw in 2010.

The blogger who said, its the behavior of barbarians to eat the carcasses of animals raw, has not only eaten salmon raw.

And I ate raw beef in 16 years.

I ate raw ham in 17 years.

Maybe I really think its delicious. I have eaten it again in 18 years.

Its a pleasure to eat.

Every time, I take photos and blog, and the text is nothing more than super delicious, fell in love and so on. I dont think its barbaric at all.

Seriously, since surfing the Internet, I have never met anyone who has beaten me so hard.

At the same time, he flattered the successful people: it turns out that the real rich people can like to eat dumplings. Its really simple and comfortable. Unlike some people, they deliberately eat salmon. Its just not good evolution.

This is a typical worship high and trample low.

For people of different levels, put on different faces.


In the TV drama legend of Zhen Huan, there are two people who are best at worshiping the high and stepping on the low.

One is Huang Guiquan, the great eunuch of the interior ministry.

At first, Zhen Huan pretended to be sick and avoid favours. Huang GUI couldnt see the sick little master. He didnt even bother to send someone to repair the table when the paint fell off. He was still sneering at the back.

After Zhen Huan was favored, he immediately raised his orchid fingers and asked people to bring a new table.

Not long ago, Zhen Huan was implicated in meizhuangs false pregnancy and had a quarrel with the emperor.

Huang Guiquan thought Zhen Huan was gone, so he restored his face. Give Zhen Huan the most broken pomegranate flowers.

Fortunately, Zhen Huan is very smart and deliberately puts the broken pomegranate flowers in the most prominent position.

When the emperor saw it, he was so angry that he sent Huang GUI to the punishment department.

The other is Yu Yinger.

Yu Yinger, who was a little clever, pretended to be Zhen Huans original fate with the emperor, and was born with a good voice, so she was named the lady of Miaoyin.

As long as we keep ourselves in line, being a little transparent is better than relying on the maids of Meiyuan.

But shes not smart enough after all.

When I saw Princess Hua, I thought that Princess Hua was the most favored woman in the harem. I immediately flattered: queen, you are more gorgeous than your mother.

But in front of the servant girls, its a different look.

The most classic scene is when the emperor falls asleep and orders xiaoxiazi to peel walnuts by hand.

Unexpectedly, it happened to fall into xiaoxiazis hands at last.

Xiaoxiazi ends her life with a bowstring.

Those who worship high and trample low usually have three problems.

Because of the short-sightedness, we cant treat people and things from the perspective of development.

Seeing the rich and noble, he thought that the other side would be rich and noble for the rest of his life, and immediately shook his tail to show his kindness.

When you see the poor, you think the other person will be poor all his life, and you can trample on them if you catch the chance.

The second problem is ignorance.

To learn from a foreigner to eat salmon is to worship foreign things and be fond of foreign things.

In fact, many people eat salmon just to lose weight.

Many people take the subway with luxury bags, just because it is more convenient to take the subway, and carry their favorite bags, the mood will be very good.

Its like when one person goes out of the toilet and sees another person washing his hands, he opens his mouth and says, so skillfully, do you urinate on your hands?

Dont ask, he must have peed on his hand.

This is also like a person, in the poor time, the biggest dream is to wear shoes.

Once in a while, I wear leather shoes and polish them. I wish I could show off all over the world.

Take off the leather shoes and throw them to the corner, scold and scold: the people wearing leather shoes are too vain, they are all 13, they cant be handed in!

So you will find an interesting phenomenonu2014u2014

Many people are filled with indignation and scolding words, which are usually very suitable for describing themselves.