Dangerous her: does the husband of domestic violence refuse to divorce? The woman who dares to resist is the ruthless character

 Dangerous her: does the husband of domestic violence refuse to divorce? The woman who dares to resist is the ruthless character

Female No. 1 is Qiao Wei (no doubt). She was the school flower of the year and is now a joke. I dont think she thought how hard it is to be a housewife. No wonder people think that full time wife is the hardest and cheapest business. No income, 24 hours a day. Qiao Wei is even worse. Go to work. And the whole family, 360 degrees without dead angle, will be monitored in all directions. I found dozens of cameras. Im afraid to think about them. Is this a warm home? Is this the harbor of happiness? Whats the difference between prison and prison?


Qiao Wei is very soft and looks delicate. Big wave of curly hair, exquisite figure. There are exquisite five senses. The school flower is indeed the school flower. She has reached the peak of domestic violence. If she doesnt want to bear it, she doesnt need to bear it any more. She filed for divorce, but encountered unprecedented resistance: she had no work experience and no source of income. Cant fight for the custody of the son, how can the son follow the devil like father? Qiao Wei doesnt know what to do. At this time, sister and sister stand up.. My best friend joined hands and came up with a way to deal with the slag man (ex. + husband).


As I said before, some women are really tough characters. Maybe, it doesnt show the mountain or the dew. But at the critical moment, her performance is absolutely jaw dropping. For example, the heroine in the lost lover. God, I made up and directed a good play. Playing her husband around, but also killed the pursuer who adored her for many years. Moreover, the fault is everyone elses. She can always leave herself clean. She plays the role of weak, but fast and accurate. Qiao Weis resistance ended in success. But its quite a thrill.

However, being a husband is too much. Otherwise, a good marriage will not fall apart. Men look down on women too much, think they should work hard? Even, do you have to endure your fists and kicks? For what? Finally, Lu Zicong offered to divorce. He suspected his wife was a murderer and killed her ex boyfriend. (Wen / piaoyutang) ok, its better if you doubt it, or if youre afraid of it. This is the unique skill of the girlfriends Alliance. Rabbits will bite when they are in a hurry. Dont be too arrogant, or please be prepared!


After the divorce, Qiao Wei is more beautiful and moving. Baisteelmaking is her, so is encircling zhirou. Woman