Husband and wifes world: love and hate? Where does happiness come from in marriage

 Husband and wifes world: love and hate? Where does happiness come from in marriage



Lets take a look at the couples world. Why is the ratings so high? Because people are watching to see where Chi Shanyu and LiTaO are going. Marriage, its sad enough to be like this. But it must be noted that this is the result of both sides. The only difference between a slap and a slap is that who is more wrong and who is less wrong. Of course, its not interesting to get tangled up in that part. Whats more, its not necessary. Chi Shanyu is like many women who have failed in marriage. She insisted on divorce at the beginning and kept thinking about it after divorce.


Its not just in the novel world of Jin Yong, Gu Long and Liang Yusheng that men and women can enjoy their enmity. In the world of husband and wife, you can also cut off the long pain rather than the short pain. Just, must ask you to think clearly: does marriage really have no room to retain? No, No. Just, at that moment your choice is divorce; at that moment your decision is not to be together. But did you find out? Time is the cruelest thing. It can tell you in the near future: this decision, you did wrong? Or did you do it right?


In fact, where does happiness come from in marriage? One person has one persons happiness, two people have two peoples brilliance. Choose what kind of life, although the constraints of too many objective conditions. At the end of the day, its your subjectivity that matters. External causes work through internal causes, which is also the difference between people. Happiness, everyones needs are different. Some people just want to get their husbands approval. Some people just want to see their families happy. Some people, the husband has so little neglect oneself can be very painful.


This is the best result. Its also the real source of your happiness. Its right to be different from person to person. (Wen / piaoyutong) Yes, you want to see the world of husband and wife as a cool play of revenge by the female owner. I just didnt expect to see that suddenly there was blood again. After a few moments of gratitude and hatred, we started the most familiar taste of going home. Dont blame the writers or the characters. As for happiness and marriage, it seems that no one has the right of willfulness. Pleasure will not last long. Regret, one after another.


Or that sentence, the most correct guide to happiness: although love is easy, marriage is not easy. Cherish what you have at the moment!