Once a man has a real love for you, he will not deliberately flatter you, but will do so

 Once a man has a real love for you, he will not deliberately flatter you, but will do so

When you find that a man is unreasonable and choosy towards you, he begins to alienate you gradually. His attitude towards you is too rough and simple, and he cant integrate into your world. In all likelihood, it means that his heart is not in you.

When you find that a man is not willing to pay for you sincerely and sincerely, he starts to find various excuses to avoid you deliberately, then you should learn to let go decisively.

1. Actively care for and help you

It is very important to judge whether a man is really affectionate to you, whether he is willing to take the initiative to care for and help you.

The man who really likes and cares about you may not try to please or flatter you, but will start with details and give you real help and care.

In life, if you are short of money to spend, or in other words, your life is poorer, and he is willing to spend money for you, even if he does not have much savings, he is willing to selflessly contribute everything for you, then it means that he really loves you.

At work, if you are in trouble or wronged, you just need to talk to him. He will try his best to accompany you no matter how busy or tired he is. He will listen to your heart and actively enlighten you.

He will quietly comfort you, he will use a firm tone to say to you: dont be afraid, with me, I will always be with you, and I will try to make you live a happy life.

When a man is willing to help you when you feel lonely and down, he is willing to pay a lot of time and energy for you, then he really likes you.

Once a man is in love with you, he will not flatter you, but be tender and considerate.

When a man only knows how to flirt with you, but he never puts himself in your shoes. His attitude to you is too rude and overbearing, and he is not willing to communicate with you well, it means that he doesnt really love you.

When a man is in the process of getting along with you, he can be anxious about what you are anxious about and think about what you think. All he does is for you. He would rather sacrifice himself to complete your happiness, which means that he really loves you.

When a man moves his true feelings towards you, he will be reluctant to part with you, and he will cherish every minute you get along with.

When a man is full of tenderness and honey to you, he can not only truly understand your difficulties, but also fully understand your difficulties, then it shows that he may have moved the truth to you, and you should cherish him more.

3. Actively integrate into your life

If a man loves you, he cant wait to get into your life.

There is no way to hide whether a man loves you or not.

When hes really in love with you, hell want to know how youve been. Especially when he has to leave you for a while, he cant help worrying about you after he leaves you.

Really love your man, he will be more enthusiastic to you. Because he always has you in his heart, he will pay close attention to your every move and smile, and he will also want to understand your real thoughts and feelings.

4. Point out your shortcomings

Once a man has moved the truth to you, he will often be extremely tolerant and considerate to you, and he will fully tolerate your shortcomings and shortcomings.

If a man is always staring at your shortcomings, he cant see the flash in you, then he may not love you so much.

The man who loves you will never tell you what to do. On the contrary, he will respect you and tolerate you everywhere. Even if you dont do well enough, he will not scold you loudly, but communicate and explain with you in a gentle tone.

A man who has moved his true feelings towards you can fully understand your difficulties, and he can also understand what you are thinking in your heart. When everyone questions you, he will not alienate you, but he will regard you as the treasure in his hand.

Although you are not perfect, you have one or other shortcomings, almost everyone is not optimistic about your feelings, he will not easily back down, and will not easily shake, but just hold your hand, he will not easily leave you.

If a man talks to you all day long, but he never accepts your shortcomings and shortcomings. He also refuses to look at you with appreciation. His eyes are full of disrespect and indifference, it means that he may not be true to you, and he does not really care about you.

In a word, once a man has moved his true feelings towards you, he may not deliberately flatter you, he may not excessively flatter and please you, but he will maintain the necessary tolerance and trust for you, he will put himself in your shoes and treat you tenderly.

If a man praises you in front of you, ridicules you in front of you, or even slanders you, it shows that he doesnt really love you and he doesnt really love you.

A man who has moved his true feelings towards you will first support you in action, and he will do some real things for you. His love and concern for you will not just stay on the lips.

Secondly, he will give you more tolerance and consideration. He knows all the hardships and tribulations you have gone through along the way, and he will love you even more. He will not always be tit for tat with you, instead, he will always be considerate and patient with you.

Again, he will look at you with appreciation, he will not let you suffer even a little hurt and grievance in your feelings.

If you can hardly feel any sincerity and love from a man, what he brings you is the cold back, and he doesnt even bother to look at you, then you should know that he doesnt love you so much, and his heart is long gone.