If you want to be a husband and wife for life, try to do less of these things

 If you want to be a husband and wife for life, try to do less of these things

A good marriage is inseparable from the joint efforts and efforts of both husband and wife.

When you want to have a happy marriage, you first have to pay the corresponding costs and costs, you have to continue to improve their meaning and value.

If you constantly speculate about each others mind and thoughts in your marriage, but are not willing to give each other full trust and understanding, your marriage is likely to stagnate or even fall short.

Generally speaking, if you want to be a husband and wife for a lifetime, try to do less of these things.

1. Fight as little as possible

If you want to be a husband and wife for a lifetime, you need to fight as little as possible. Although it is inevitable to quarrel, we should learn to communicate and resolve problems in time, instead of making more and more noise.

Quarrels dont solve any substantive problems. When there is a crack in the marriage, first of all, dont rush to escape. Second, both husband and wife should work together. You should work together to solve the problem and make up for the crack, instead of letting it go.

Because of the differences between husband and wife in temperament, personality and life experience, various conflicts and quarrels inevitably occur in marriage.

If you are always arguing about trivial matters in your marriage, you are not willing to compromise and compromise with each other, and you are not willing to get along with each other, then your marriage is prone to various cracks.

There are many causes of quarrel, which may be information asymmetry, leading to unnecessary misunderstanding between husband and wife. At this time, you need to maintain good interaction and communication anytime and anywhere. Only in this way can you avoid misunderstanding as much as possible.

When quarreling, you should also pay attention to discretion. No matter how angry you are, dont speak ill of your partner. We should learn to talk about things on their own, not to turn over all kinds of old accounts. We should also learn to stop fighting endlessly. Do not cold war to the end, otherwise it is easy to destroy your marriage foundation.

If you want to be a husband and wife for a lifetime, you should try to be less considerate and more generous and tolerant.

First of all, you have to admit that there is no perfect marriage in the world. Any marriage has some shortcomings. You dont envy other peoples family and marriage, you just need to live your own life.

In marriage, both husband and wife should give each other more understanding and tolerance. You should not be too harsh or critical of your partner, otherwise, no matter how much he loves you, he may turn against you.

Secondly, people who are too narrow-minded often have a bad time. If you want your marriage to last for a long time, youd better not be fussy about your partner.

No one is perfect. No matter how strong or excellent a person looks, he may also have one or other shortcomings and faults. At this time, you should learn to give your partner more understanding and tolerance, rather than being too mean and critical of your partner.

Only when the couple can support and tolerate each other can you be a husband and wife for life.

3. Try not to be suspicious

The most important thing in marriage is to trust each other. Since you want to be a husband and wife for life, you should pay attention to less suspicion and more trust.

Before you decide to marry a man, you should first judge whether his character is good, whether he is reliable enough, and whether he really loves you.

You can only promise to marry a man if he is worth your life.

Once you choose to marry someone, it means that you are full of confidence and trust in him. You are willing to accompany him to experience unknown challenges and adventures together.

If you want to go to the end, you must really achieve the same goal and heart to heart, you dont look at each other and be suspicious of each other.

Even if you are full of doubts or doubts about your partner, you should not always hold in your heart, let alone secretly test him, but learn to communicate with him face to face in a timely manner, and you should be open to him all the confusion and doubts in your heart.

If you dont want to open your heart to each other because of mutual suspicion and temptation in your marriage, your marriage will be full of holes, and you are often difficult to be a husband and wife for a lifetime.

A marriage without trust is like a plant lacking water for a long time. It will dry up sooner or later.

If you dont want your marriage to eventually collapse and collapse, you need to give your partner more trust and understanding, rather than doubting your partners sincerity.

In a word, its not easy to be a husband and wife for a lifetime. It needs the joint efforts of both husband and wife.

One of the most important things about a good marriage is that couples are open to each other and willing to fully trust each other. No matter what kind of setbacks or challenges you will encounter in the future, you can face them together and actively resolve them.

If you cant withstand all the shocks and pressures in your marriage, you would rather believe what others say than what your partner says, then your marriage will lose the necessary temperature.

When you know how to support and support each other in marriage, and you are willing to give each other more warmth and gentleness, your marriage will become more and more warm and thick.

If you are always testing your partners sincerity in marriage, and you are not willing to give your partner more understanding and support, and you always look at your partner with disgusting eyes, you may not be a couple for life.

Life is not long, not short. When you decide to get married, you should learn to take the initiative to assume the responsibilities and obligations in the marriage. No matter what pressures and challenges you will face in the future, you should face them together actively and find ways to solve these pressures.