Let men not put down your skills: transposition thinking

 Let men not put down your skills: transposition thinking

The reason why a man cant let you go is often because you are reasonable and understanding enough. Women should remember that few men are willing to spend their lives with a woman who is unreasonable and selfish.

1. Dont make trouble for him everywhere

A woman who knows how to think in a different way will never deliberately create difficulties for a man. The better a man treats her, the more she knows how to give him the necessary tolerance.

Since you want to make a man unable to let you go, you need to learn to think in a different way. You need to try to think from his standpoint and angle.

If you always put forward too strict requirements for a man in your feelings, and you dont want to accommodate him with all kinds of money, but create difficulties for him everywhere, then the man will feel especially depressed and oppressed with you. For a long time, he will slowly put you down.

The reason why a man cant let you go is that you can help him at the critical moment. You will not be a stumbling block on his growth path, but you will be able to pull him when he meets difficulties, and you will become his strongest support and backing.

No matter how much a man loves you and dotes on you, his patience is limited. If you challenge him everywhere, and you deliberately challenge his tolerance bottom line, then no matter how much he loves you, he may gradually alienate and ignore you.

2. Learn to compare your heart to your heart

If a woman wants to make a man unable to let you go, you must learn to be considerate. If you think only from your own standpoint, and you never think for him, he may doubt your sincerity.

Just as we say, dont do to others what you dont want. Before you make some demands on a man, ask yourself if you can treat yourself with the same demands and standards. If you cant do it yourself, then dont be a man.

If you dont know how to empathize, you will form a certain prejudice against men, and you will constantly break through the bottom line of their tolerance.

When a man gives you a lot of time and emotion, you should be grateful and grateful for it, rather than feel justified. No one in the world has an obligation to please you, and no one has to make concessions or sacrifices for you.

When a man is willing to make appropriate changes and sacrifices for you, you should also learn to make appropriate changes and concessions for him. This is mutual.

3. Women who are considerate are more likely to move mens hearts

The understanding here doesnt mean that you should blindly compromise in your feelings, but that you should be able to give men proper respect and understanding.

If a woman can understand empathy in her feelings, you will give a man a very good impression.

If your usual attitude towards a man is too overbearing and arrogant, you are not willing to accompany him with your heart, and you are not willing to accept his opinions modestly, then the man will not only put you in his heart, but he will want to completely put you down.

Empathy is a virtue if the other person is worth it.

If the person you love doesnt love you, and he often ignores your existence, and he always cheats your feelings, then you should not bear it any longer, let alone continue to compromise, but should break up with him decisively.

Women who understand empathy often have strong empathy and compassion. She is able to put herself in the mans shoes, and she is willing to give him full trust and understanding.

If you are too mean to a man at ordinary times, you are not willing to change your position and think, but constantly create all kinds of troubles. Your existence has become his great trouble. Then a man will not actively approach you, but will try to alienate and ignore you, and he will gradually put you down.

On the one hand, you should give men full trust and understanding. You should always think from the standpoint and angle of men.

On the other hand, you should be warm and considerate to a man. You should learn to show your understanding and understanding.

The most important thing is that you should give a man full tolerance and consideration. You should not quarrel with him for little things, and you should not be fussy about him.

The man who loves you, no matter where he goes, he will take you as the only one, he will hold you in his hand, he will not easily betray your love and trust for him.

No matter how good you are to the man who doesnt love you.

If he also likes you, then you can treat him gently. When you get along with him, you should learn to think in a different way.

Especially when you quarrel for something, you should learn to keep the necessary reason and restraint, and you should let yourself calm and calm as soon as possible.

Many misunderstandings and contradictions in feelings are often caused by your ignorance of seeking common ground while reserving differences. You always stand in your own position to see the problem, you never know how to think in a different position, you also do not think about each other, resulting in the distance between you becoming more and more far.

Since you want to make a man unable to let you go, then youd better not be too selfish and indifferent to him, and you should not force him too tight and too urgent. You should learn to think in a different position, and you should master the distance and discretion with men.