Sister riding the wind and waves is a hot show, which reveals these eight hidden rules of extreme fear

 Sister riding the wind and waves is a hot show, which reveals these eight hidden rules of extreme fear

30 female stars, 30 years old, started from scratch, took part in the draft, and finally chose 5 to become a group.

Zhang Yuqi, 33, serenity, 48, Chen Songling, 49, Zhong Litai, 50, Yi Nengjing, 52 Each elder sister has a different personality and charm.

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Its said that there are three women in a play. When these 30 women get together, they dont have any affectation. They are really addicted to the judges.

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This kind of beauty of Sasa and confidence not only makes many netizens feel:

Seeing them, I suddenly became less afraid of getting old.

Indeed, sisters have not only the courage to ride the wind and break the waves, but also the courage to make waves.

But behind the splendor of my sisters, I also saw a lot of cruel truth in life.


Speaking with strength is better than ten million words of nonsense

Before the game, the interview program group asked her to introduce herself and said quietly:

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Its a household name for the serenity of the changeable girls in the movies and TV series.

She is a sexy and enchanting Milan in sunny days, a kind and willful pearl in Red River Valley, a resourceful Du Junqing in Silver Valley and the supreme empress dowager in the secret history of Xiaozhuang.

What seems to be a self talk in the program is actually the fruitful achievements over the past decades, which have created a foundation beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Similarly, Yi Nengjing, 52, the oldest sister on the show, has never been afraid of her age.

Huang Xiaoming, the groups witness, said:

Then, Yi Nengjing smiled and said:

That just said 35 years, less than 1 year, I started 36 years.

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As soon as the voice fell, the whole audience applauded.

36 years of debut is full of pride for her. At least one year seems to be a little bit of dedication wiped out.

Needless to say, she deserves the applause.

Thanks to the baptism of time, time will never become a pig knife here.

Fat is the enemy of every womans life.

But in Chen Songlings sister, she doesnt care at all!

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This confidence is not just talk.

The most exciting moment in the first phase is the selection of the first stage, but everyone is afraid of the tension and accidents of the first stage. Just as everyone hesitates, Chen Songling stands out.

She returned to the stage at the age of 49 and is still stable.

A hungry wolf legend is cool and domineering, which makes all the backstage sisters clap their hands and shout, Queen is her only title.

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There are 1000 good-looking standards. As long as you are confident, anything can become your bonus.

In my twenties, if I dont give you any makeup, I wont have any crows feet when I laugh. But 40 years old, who is graceful and intelligent, will make his beauty more charming.

Each stage has the beauty of each stage, be the best of yourself, and leave the rest to the years.

Time will never defeat a good woman.


I love him most and craziest, my dream has been smashed but will not forget.

Ding Dang, the original singer of I love him, sang Im a little bird in the first show, but only got 75 points, ranking last, which really surprised everyone.

Even Huang Xiaoming said that Ding Dangs tears were about to fall.

Ding Dang is a very good singer, but if he sings too well, he will appear that others are too bad. If he is in the group, it is not harmonious...

Excellent, when has become the original sin?

After that, Ding Dang was not satisfied, and the microblog sent a message to the judge angrily.

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This is probably the sister is very cool point, they will not cowardly to accept everything, in the face of doubt still believe in their own strength.

Another woman with full personality - Huang Ling, how many people know the name?

People may not be familiar with her, but you must know her hit itch.

Come on, have a good time, anyway.

Many people hum her songs, but they make fun of her songs.

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She was asked by the program group: its always said that you are not popular, will it stimulate you?

Huang Ling said, I can speak only by my works. Its better than red songs.

This answer is too Jieqi, believe in yourself, there is no gossip can beat you.

If you can be called elder sister, you must pass the examination.

When the program asked Huang Shengyi, are you not afraid of being questioned by the outside world?

She just smiled and said, question? Dont worry. Ive always had doubts.

On the first show, when Huang Shengyi came out with a two meter long wedding dress, the 37 year old was like a fairy tale princess, floating like a fairy tale. Who would have thought that she was the mother of two children?

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No matter how many people like you, there will be people who dislike you.

Throw up the skirt and shut them up with strength.

Its never terrible to be questioned. Whats terrible is self doubt. After all, no one can make you fall down except yourself.


Moderate kindness, know how to refuse

Wheres the scary part of the show?

There was no rehearsal.

Because its live recording, the plan cant catch up with the changes, and there will always be accidents.

When Huang Shengyi found something wrong with his headset in the first round of performance, he called stop.

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Yi Nengjing, who has always been forthright, also said, dont give in to them, just stop.

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Because if you want to perform to the best, you must not allow your stage to have any problems.

Only when we say it, can we have a chance to solve the problem. If we dont say it in our heart, we must suffer our own losses.

Life is the same, when you are afraid to say no, have you ever thought about the consequences of not refusing?

There are always such good people in the company. Tuanjie pays the bill, the errands are his, the scapegoats who are scolded and disciplined are his... There is no such person for promotion and salary increase.

In his eyes, the good relationship is nothing but a post it note where he needs to go.

Used to live in the eyes of others, but eventually become their most disliked appearance.

In his human disqualification, taizai wrote:

My misfortune lies in my lack of the ability to refuse. I am afraid that once I refuse others, I will leave a crack in each others hearts that will never heal.

Therefore, your kindness must be sharp.

When you say no to something you dont want to do, youll find that its a great feeling.


Who are you? Who will you meet

When it comes to Tuanfeng, it must be Wanxi.

The whole world is talking about the sister who is riding the wind and waves, but the sisters are talking about Wanxi.

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When we met for the first time, Huang Shengyi ran to Wanxi and said, I like you so much.

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Jinsha, without concealing her love for Wanxi, directly hugs.

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But the peace that always waits for others to say hello, see Wanxi but not grudgingly praise:

Hello, Ive seen your play. You look different from others.

It seems that all sisters like Wanxi.

In the face of warm greetings, Wanxi shook hands with them one by one and introduced herself lightly:

Hello, Vance.

Gentle voice as she is, low-key, do not agree.

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In the movie Hello, madman! u300bIn the show, she played seven roles and held the whole play.

The performance of no madness, no survival made her fire to the circle.

Her usual acting style is also quiet shooting, rarely active in front of the public.

See this beautiful side face kill, people light as chrysanthemum, time static good description is such a girl.

Vance, as we saw on the show:

Sincere, serious, gentle and firm.

A lot of people are looking for excuses for their mediocrity. In fact, its a steady win to work steadily.

You have to work very hard to look effortless

When playing the piano, at the moment when she raised her eyes, she just saw the stand, and the camera also focused on her face.

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In the absence of rehearsals, there is such a high level of performance that Shen Mengchen praised.

A piano and dance performance of dark clouds go away is extremely tempting.

Shaking her hair, lifting her legs and charming eyes, I wont feel tired after seeing it for 10 times. Its really her nature to be like a line.

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LAN Yingying said, I like people saying that I cant, because it will ignite my fierce fighting spirit, and I will show you.

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I cant help but feel that in her, everything is possible.

In fact, no matter how many are born, the brilliance on the stage is tempered by diligence.

On a day when no one cares, you just work hard, and God will arrange it.

As LAN Yingying said:

Maybe at the beginning, I was not so strong. But I believe that as long as I work hard, there is nothing I cant reach.

If there is a miracle in the world, it must be another name of effort.


There is a kind of high-level EQ called speak well

From bully president to brother of low rank.

Not only that, Huang Xiaomings high EQ performance in the program also gave him a lot of points.

Before the program started, he wrote 30 tweets in the first alphabetical order of his surname on Weibo, circled the participating sisters one by one, wrote a word of encouragement for each of them, and warmed everyone.

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From I dont want you to think, I want me to think in Chinese restaurant 3 to a bowl of water leveling master.

Brother Xiaoming has really achieved the goal of heart to heart.

In the program, there is also such a scene that caused a lot of peoples discussion.

When the sisters are seated, Huang Xiaoming begins, saying:

Why do you sisters come to the womens league competition, because you are already...

Results the sea and land strongly inserted a sentence:

Old age, isnt it?

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This sentence makes the air on the scene condense instantly. Its quiet and Yi Nengjing smiles awkwardly. Zhang Meng rolls his eyes.

Soon, the topic of low EQ on land and sea aroused hot discussion.

Truthfulness and boldness are her characteristics as well as her weakness.

The so-called high EQ is to have a sense of propriety, know how to advance and retreat, not to embarrass the other party, and to make others warm inside.

If a persons IQ is the skeleton, then EQ is his skin bag.

Being able to talk is the second business card for adults.

Speaking well is a persons top Eq.


As long as the mentality is good, what is the age

Women over the age of 30, the default etiquette of sexual behavior seems to be dont ask age, but the attitude of sisters is completely different.

She laughed heartlessly, but I was a little sad, did not expect that singing time boiled rain as if never old golden voice has been 37 years old.

Jinsha said: everyone calls me aunt. Id better call myself aunt first.

Even if I cant be 18-year-old lanfeilin forever, how many girls envy me to be a beautiful and intelligent aunt.

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Although I am 50 years old, my dream has never been broken, said Zhong

At the age of 50, she came out in a glittering Mermaid suit without any flesh on her body. She was really the girl at the beginning, without any change.

Goethe said: the happiness of man lies in the happiness of his heart.

Mentality, often can solve 80% of lifes troubles.

There is no so-called perfect life, with a good attitude, have a good life.


Thirty years later, hang the cloud sail and ride the wind and waves

30 sisters who have made achievements in the current field, came to the program to let the audience have a good time.

But in fact, it is also a new start for them, another starting point of life.

When I left the singing world, I scored for others, said Ardo.

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After many years of retirement, now I come back to participate in the competition. In turn, it takes a lot of courage to be scored and evaluated by others.

Zhang Hanyun said: before the age of 30, beauty is born and given by parents; after the age of 30, I created it.

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After watching the program, for the first time, I found the word elder sister so pleasant.

Elder sister is not a reflection of age, but a state of self and independence.

Sisters tell you with reality:

Every woman can do what she wants to do at any time.

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The 30-year-old woman has gone from her youth and ignorance in her twenties to her confidence and charm.

Age is just a number. Even if I grow old, I will choose to grow old gracefully.

No matter how old you are, the future is still possible.

To live in the way you like is not to come here for nothing.

30 and Li, directly hang the cloud sail, ride the wind and break the waves!

You can also!