After the popularity of the Internet, he refused to pay 1 million yuan for signing a contract: the 13-year-old boy hit countless people in the face

 After the popularity of the Internet, he refused to pay 1 million yuan for signing a contract: the 13-year-old boy hit countless people in the face

No red is no red,

Its all normal. Life is ups and downs.

At the beginning of June, there was a boy named Zhong Meimei who became a big fan overnight.

In the video, he imitates the teacher perfectly.

To bring people back to their schooldays on their own.

More than half of the real actors are successful.

And its all in one breath, almost without editing.

Every time I shoot a video, I close the door after I finish my online class at noon and finish it in more than 10 minutes.

No manuscripts, no rehearsals, they are all based on imagination.

With the popularity, a variety of advertising and signing came in a rush.

From 4:00 in the morning to 12:00 in the evening, the cell phones are turned off when there is no power.

He knew the heat would pass, just like the flow.

He said it could take a week and a half, or at most a month.

Whats more surprising is that he doesnt care much about money: he refuses to sign a million.

A million is not a small amount. He has a heart attack. She even told her mother not to go and have a look, but was scolded by her mother:

Give you some money and you will be bewildered! You cant be blindfolded by money. You are a student now. You dont need to earn money before you are old enough to earn it.

Zhong Meimei immediately understood: I am still a student. If I study well, it will be more than one million in the future, maybe 10 million or 100 million.

As the best comment says:

10000 people may not be moved, 100000 people may be hesitant, and most of the 1 million people should fall, but they dont have a family. Its a great honor to have such an education since childhood.

Yes, Zhong Meimeis rational maturity is inseparable from his mothers education.

In this era when traffic is money, they are simply wonderful.

Zhong Meimei has been fond of imitation since she was a child.

Ive loved acting since grade two, and I just want to be an actor, he said

He altered the certificate of reading and the certificate of mental arithmetic that he got in grade one or two into the performance award.

The eldest son in the cartoon, Zhen Huan, Hua Fei and Ruyi in the play, the front desk of the hotel and the ticket seller in the scenic spot, all of which he imitated.

Of course, his favorite imitators are his mother and teacher.

There was no audience, no applause, but he enjoyed it.

Later, Ms. Zhong began to record videos on her mobile phone.

To the sons hobby, the mother always is very enlightened: as long as does not affect the study, the interest hobby will not stop.

Zhong Meimei in life is a little introverted and not very talkative.

In the words of Zhong Meimei, in the video, I am more bold and unconstrained.

My mother respects my son. She never saw him take video with her own eyes, because my son doesnt let me watch it.

But after shooting, I will check it out and let my son post it on the Internet.

Occasionally, I would suggest: when imitating, you can be a little grumpy.

But she has always been a sons interest.

One day, my colleagues brushed Kwai Mei on the quick hand and said to her, your child is on fire, do you know?

She didnt take it seriously. When she went home from work to watch on the video platform, she had hundreds of thousands of fans.

At that time, I thought it would be good if he had thousands of fans. I didnt expect that he would get so angry... Now it seems that he has more than one million fans, she said afterwards

Overnight, Zhong Meimei became a net red.

Most netizens are amused, but there are also some critical voices, such as defacing teachers and insulting teachers.

In fact, after these negative voices came out, my mother was worried about the impact on Zhong Meimei, and suggested that my son hide the video.

From the beginning, she always said to her son, fire may be a while, but its normal that you dont fire.

In the face of capital invitation, such as 10 minutes to shoot an ad cost 7000, there are millions of contracts

Shes calm, too.

I dont think my child is angry. He is a child. I dont think children should have them now. They basically refused.

Many people earn 7000 a month, and many more earn less than a million in their lifetime.

All these things that people want to get through their heads are delivered to their mouths overnight. They just need to sign a contract.

But the wonderful mother and son refused without hesitation.

The reason is simple: hes a student now. He doesnt need to earn money before hes old enough to earn it.

This is a very simple truth, but there are many parents do not understand.

Remember Gavin the smiley boy?

Because his uncle often uploaded his video, suddenly, he became popular because of his embarrassed and polite smile, known as fake smile boy.

After his popularity, his parents seized the opportunity to take him to China to participate in the night of microblogging.

Stars and passers-by all rushed to take photos with him.

And you have to be in the show at any time.

Before he came to China, he also opened Weibo, the first Weibo with more than 460000 likes, and both forwarding and commenting were 10W +.

In less than two months, however, the heat was gone, even though his parents kept taking him to events around the world.

Up to now, the number of fans is still 2.23 million, but it has been isolated from the flow.

There are countless fake laugh boys, in the flow of ups and downs, has lost innocence, lost talent.

He made his debut at the age of 3, with mature acting skills and 10 seconds of tears.

Its the only child star who has worked with the pop star F4.

At the age of six, he was worth 18 million yuan, but his parents wasted all his money and delayed his schooling.

At the busiest time, I only have four days off a year.

Acting talent, also in the high-intensity busy, a little bit worn out.

Todays Xiaobin has returned to the classroom, but she is just an ordinary child.

If parents dont see the money, there may be another powerful young actor in todays entertainment circle.

Andy Warhol said a 15 minute rule: everyone can be famous in 15 minutes.

Zhong Meimei and fake laughing boys are the best examples.

Fortunately, Zhong Meimeis parents, unlike those of the smiley boy, did not take advantage of the red explosion to get gold.

Fortunately, unlike Xiaobins parents, he didnt waste his sons talent too early.

In their eyes, Zhong Meimei is just a child whose main business is learning, not making money.

After refusing to sign a million yuan contract, Zhong Meimei sent a status in the circle of friends. It was a promotional poster of a shop. You can eat a hamburger for free if you collect 99 compliments.

He said as usual, friends, friends circle, please give me a compliment!

Whether its hot or not, it doesnt make him impetuous.

Its just like he dreamed of going to Beijing Film Academy when he grew up.

The host asked him, what kind of actor do you want to be?

Good acting, he said firmly

He is only 13 years old, but he is mature, rational, honest, good acting skills, and has lost a lot of traffic.

So, I wish the world would be a little gentle to him.

I also hope that he can persist in doing what he likes all his life.

I hope we can see him on screen in the near future.

But not as a net red, but as an actor.

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