CERN announced 21 billion euros to build 62 mile Super Collider

 CERN announced 21 billion euros to build 62 mile Super Collider

The new plan opens the door to a lot of work needed to realize the Super Collider. When it is completed, scientists can learn more about the properties of Higgs boson by colliding electrons with antimatter positrons.

Unsurprisingly, the Super Collider will still be built near CERNs underground tunnel in Geneva. Before that, experts have to figure out the design and feasibility of the new collider.

According to CERNs two-phase plan, the first phase involving the electron positron collider is more urgent.

Then the experts need to design a more powerful new device in a few decades, providing a voltage of 100tev, and the 16tev of the larger Hadron Collider (LHC) has a huge improvement.

At this stage, however, this is still a distant dream, because the technology needed to achieve this goal has not yet been developed.

After a long process, CERN is expected to start construction on 62 mile long tunnels and related machines in 2038, which will cost a lot of money, but these funds are not yet in place.

Given that existing member states cannot afford to build new projects, CERN may expand international cooperation to attract funding from other countries that may be interested in such research, such as the United States and Japan.

At the same time, CERN is building a high luminosity Large Hadron Collider, but it is essentially an upgrade of the existing LHC.

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