US researchers say MMR vaccine can prevent new coronavirus, and divorce rate in Canada may surge after the outbreak

 US researchers say MMR vaccine can prevent new coronavirus, and divorce rate in Canada may surge after the outbreak

Nussbaum told CTV News that the pandemic also spurred breakups because of economic pressure, boredom, lack of time and space alone, and conflicts over childrens and family responsibilities.

Brena hadwick, a British Columbia family lawyer, told CTV News that she had six to ten separation consultations a week since the covid-19 attacks.

Zuckerman, the owner and senior lawyer of Zuckerman law group, who has been a divorce lawyer for 32 years in Vancouver, said, many couples do not have the communication and empathy they need 24 / 7 of a day. They need to interact with colleagues five days a week and occasionally spend weekends with family and friends to spend the time.

If theres a problem or break-up in a relationship, then when the couple are separated for weeks or months (such as when theres a covid-19 pandemic), theyre bound to be amplified or worsened, Zuckerman said His clients say they cant stand their partners any more.

Canada will launch new crown tracking app in July

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday that the federal government of Canada will begin testing the fully voluntary mobile contact tracking app in Ontario, which will eventually be used nationwide. The application will compile confirmed cases of covid-19 positive and notify Canadians when they are close to people infected with the virus.

The government plans to offer free app downloads in early July and says the app will be compatible with Canadas 30 million smartphones, which means many people can use the app and get direct notification once they enter it. Contact anyone who has been positive for covid-19 in the last 14 days.

Trudeau describes the app as something people can download and forget, although privacy and permission settings are subject to scrutiny.

In announcing the news, the prime minister said that as more and more Canadians began to return to normal life, including returning to work, case monitoring and exposure notification applications were critical public health steps.

I would like to stress that it will be entirely voluntary. It is up to individuals in Canada to decide whether to download the app. However, as long as there are as many people as possible, the application will be the most effective. Trudeau said.

Ontarios health department will be the first to distribute a unique code to those who test positive for covid-19.

US researchers say MMR vaccine can prevent new coronavirus

Two US researchers have proposed a clinical trial to test their hypothesis that measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines can prevent covid-19.

Dr. Fidel and Dr. merry Nowell, from Louisiana, suggest that sanatorium residents, health care workers and other high-risk people should be vaccinated with MMR as an additional precaution.

It would be great if our assumptions were right, Dr. Fidel told CTV News in a telephone interview on Thursday. If they are infected with covid-19, they may not suffer from the worst sequelae. But if we are wrong - we may be wrong - well, you have new antibodies for measles, mumps and rubella.

In an article in the Journal mbio, the researchers outlined their early findings and suggested that MMR vaccines could help reduce septic inflammation associated with covid-19 infection.

There is increasing evidence that live attenuated vaccines such as MMR vaccines contain weakened forms of pathogens that cause disease, which may not only provide immunity to target pathogens, but also enhance the bodys response to unrelated future infections.

The researchers say this happens because vaccines trigger a response called innate immunity, which prepares certain immune system cells called white cells to fight infection more effectively.

Based on this study, Fidel and Novell conducted their own laboratory tests. The results showed that MMR vaccine can reduce or prevent severe pulmonary inflammation and septicemia, which is closely related to the mortality of patients with covid-19.

The results need to be tested further, but the researchers say there is evidence that vaccination may have a milder response to covid-19, with unintended consequences.

They point to the fact that the rate of covid-19 infection in children is low and that children are vaccinated more than older people. In Ontario, Canada, only 2% of all cases involve people under the age of 20, with no deaths in the youngest population.

The researchers also highlighted the recent outbreak of covid-19 among 995 American sailors aboard aircraft carriers. Only one of the sailors was taken to hospital, and the researchers point out that all new U.S. Marines were vaccinated with MMR.