Ive been married for 30 years, and never spent a cent on my husband: the best marriage is not a partnership, but the rest of my life

 Ive been married for 30 years, and never spent a cent on my husband: the best marriage is not a partnership, but the rest of my life

The property rights of the couples household items, ranging from household appliances to an egg, are strictly differentiated.

In an interview, the husband said that his wife would never let him go to bed, 365 days a year, he was sleeping on the ground.

Once, the exhaust fan at home broke down. The wife let her husband have a look at it, but the husband cried hysterically, do you want to kill me in such a high place?!

At the bottom of the news, the comments exploded.

Many netizens said: is this a couple? Its not even as good as a co rental relationship!

The problem of money in marriage has always been the focus of conflict between husband and wife.

However, the couple in the news is obviously not as simple as carrying out the AA system economically. Their practice is close to separation.

There is no emotional exchange between them, some just haggle over each other.

In a marriage without love, both become selfish and indifferent.


Marriage, not just a partnership

I have seen such a story on the Internet.

They live under the same roof, but they dont say more than ten words in a week.

When tiktok came home from work, he sat on the sofa after washing and opened his mobile phone to brush his voice.

My mother-in-law watched TV dramas on her own and occasionally replied to my friends wechat.

Even if they are sitting in the living room at the same time, there is no communication.

My father-in-law never eats the supper cooked by my mother-in-law. He would rather wait for my mother-in-law to finish eating and then go into the kitchen to make a new one.

Blogger said, in fact, she also cant understand, why father-in-law and mother-in-law live together so long, still not divorced.

I have seen an American play called the great Mrs. mather.

In the play, rose, the mother of Mrs. Mather, suffers from her husbands cold shoulder in her marriage for a long time. In her husbands eyes, she becomes a family accessory.

Her husband turned a deaf ear to what she said; she wore new clothes, and he turned a blind eye to it; her husband never cared what she thought.

Rose was so disappointed in his marriage that he finally ran away from home.

The husband realized that his wife had disappeared long after she ran away from home.

Such a marriage is really heartbreaking.

In real life, how many partners are there, husband and wife in the daytime and neighbors in the evening?

As a saying goes:

Marriage with partners, no feelings, no communication, no soul.

It is nothing more than bringing two people together to share some of the economic pressure.

Then you are you, I am me, and nothing more.

Perhaps at the beginning of the time together, two people still hold a little hope in their hearts.

But over time, both husband and wife have gradually learned to shield their emotional needs and no longer desire to be loved.

This marriage without temperature is not far from separation.


In the variety show the man who does housework, Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyis Fairy love can be said to envy others.

When he hears that the child is crying, he will immediately run to appease the child and take the initiative to feed the child.

He also knows Zhang Xinyis taste and is good at making her favorite shrimp spaghetti and stewed beef.

When his wife said that his cervical vertebra was uncomfortable, Yuan Hong would take the initiative to do traction for her and massage her back.

In addition, Yuan Hong likes to surprise his wife from time to time.

Yuan Hong loves riding motorcycles. Although Zhang Xinyi is worried about it, he secretly bought a helmet for him.

Once, Yuan Hong accidentally put the mustard oil into the dip, and the dip tastes strange. After eating, he frowned and looked at his wife awkwardly.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Xinyi took it and tasted it. He also encouraged him to say that it tasted good. Even in front of him, he ate more eggplant dipped in the material, which made Yuan Hong very happy.

In the program, Zhang Xinyi praised Yuan Hong many times. Yuan Hong listened to it and was very happy.

Many people admire the perfect marriage between Zhang Xinyi and Yuan Hong, but in this world, where is the perfect marriage?

Those couples who look happier than others are just because they have each other in mind.

Marriage, no one can escape the life of firewood, rice, oil and salt, trivial.

Some couples gradually become numb and indifferent in their daily life, and no longer care about their partners thoughts and feelings.

And some couples know how to manage a home with their hearts, carefully feel love and being loved, and live a long life with a lot of romance and poetry.


The best marriage

Its not a partner, its the rest of life

Some time ago, a netizen from Chengdu, Sichuan Province shared a video.

In the video, her 99 year old grandfather and 97 year old grandmother are in the hospital.

Grandpa talked grandma over and over again. He was so anxious that he would cry.

Finally, helpless, grandpa can only threaten Grandma: you dont listen, I wont come to see you.

Many netizens were moved to tears by this video.

Grandpa and grandma are nearly a hundred years old, but grandma is still grandpas idea of growing up children, need him to coax, pet, take care of.

This reminds me of another video I saw a few days ago, in which an old grandfather bought pearl milk tea for his wife.

I saw my grandfather huddled in the middle of a group of young people and called my mother-in-law two times to ask her what she wanted to drink?

In the end, grandpa bought a large cup of pearl milk tea for his mother-in-law, and emphasized the need for warm tea.

These two old couples, let us see the best marriage - even in old age, still love each other attentively.

I once saw someone on the Internet asking, whats the best marriage?

One of the bottom answers got deep in my heart: can stand the wind, the snow and the moon, can stand the firewood, rice, oil and salt.

A good marriage is never a one without quarrel, disagreement and smooth life, but in the running in over and over again, both husband and wife never give up and always firmly love each other.


I read this line:

I used to think that the worst thing in the world was to die alone. Its not. The worst thing is to live with people who make you feel lonely.

Marriage is a long practice, there are too many partners with sweet love into the marriage, but in the end only resentment and fatigue.

We think that we can go to the end of happiness smoothly after getting married, so we no longer manage each others feelings with our heart. However, marriage is only the starting point of happiness.

The greatest charm of marriage is actually to explore how deep a connection can be made between two people who are not related by blood.

When we know how to manage our marriage with our heart, we should pay more attention to each others feelings, listen to each others heart and cherish each others efforts, and the relationship between husband and wife will naturally become closer and closer.

If you just blindly take, ignore each others pay, and treat the other half with evasion and indifference, then even if there is more love between husband and wife, it will eventually be consumed.