Kanghui college entrance examination almost replaced media: not just gossip

 Kanghui college entrance examination almost replaced media: not just gossip

Kanghuis autobiographical description is regarded as gossip by some people, who lament that even Kanghui was almost replaced in that year. Some self media interpret this as the great shore of a father, which means Kanghuis father tells us with action what is the responsibility of a father, what is the responsibility of a good carer, what is the justice to fight against evil, and what is capital Men.

For Kanghui, his father went around for his college entrance examination, avoiding the misfortune of being replaced. His life has not been changed by being replaced by a pseudonym. Its fortunate that he should also be grateful to his father. However, it is not a private matter, but a public event involving the fairness of college entrance examination. Even if it has not been successfully replaced, it is necessary to launch an investigation and strictly examine according to this clue. As long as someone has implemented the operation of substitution, it should be investigated according to law. Only by zero tolerance for any illegal operation, can we put an end to the abuse of power and safeguard the fairness and justice of college entrance examination u3002

The information provided by Kanghuis autobiography should be the clues for the relevant departments to investigate and deal with the attempted college entrance examination impostor. Later, the father learned through some channels that the problem was caused by a person who was responsible for the submission of the results. His daughter happened to be the examinee of that period. In order to let her go to the school she wanted to attend, he took the plunge to do such an operation with his colleagues.

This clearly points to the head of the local educational examination and enrollment department. The autobiographical description conveys a disturbing message: in the age of underdeveloped information, did these people operate only once to conceal the results of the college entrance examination? Just for their own children and use their power to carry out deceptive operations? It is necessary to make this clear to the public.

It is of double significance to investigate the attempted substitution. In view of the influence of Kanghuis autobiography, his description has outlined the picture of the relevant personnel of the local education examination and enrollment department working together to carry out illegal operation. If the investigation is not clear, and if Kanghuis statement is not true, then the local education examination and enrollment department will not be under the suspicion of illegal operation and substitution? If Kanghuis statement is true, if no investigation is conducted, the illegal operators will be connived.

Therefore, relevant departments should follow up the investigation according to the clues provided by Kanghuis autobiography, and explain the investigation results to the public. At the same time, they should start the investigation to find out whether there are any other illegal operations.

Recently, Shandong Province has carried out a centralized inventory of college students who have taken the place of college students. 242 people have been found suspected of taking the place of college students. Most of these substitutions occurred in the decade when information was not developed and Internet technology was not widely used in enrollment and management of student status. To actively check these historical problems is to be responsible for every examinee and to safeguard the fairness of the college entrance examination.

Not everyones father, like Kanghuis father, insists on safeguarding rights and understands the path of safeguarding rights. From the media exposure of the University case of impostor, many of the impostors did not know that they were admitted, did not get the admission notice, they gave up to query the admission results, which is how tragic!

In order to maintain the equal examination and admission rights of every ordinary student, we should not let go of any clues suspected of impersonation and give the party an account. Kanghui can be indifferent when recalling that he was almost replaced when he was admitted to the college entrance examination, but the relevant departments cant just watch the bustle, they have to listen to the opportunity and check it out.

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