Those who can no longer celebrate fathers Day

 Those who can no longer celebrate fathers Day

What kind of existence is dad to you?

Some people say that Dad will not express care and love, but will always give himself the best in silence;

Some people say that the older the father is, the more docile he will be, which inevitably leads to a desire for protection;

Some people also say that dad is the one who will not mind if he is always ignored

It may be that there is no way to live the loss of fathers day;

It may be that I regret that I didnt give my father more love and self reproach before I had time;

Maybe its because of the strangeness I never had

Tomorrow is fathers day. At this time, do you stay with dad?

No matter how far away, remember to say to Dad, happy fathers Day!

He must want to hear your blessing.

I wish all dads a happy holiday and good health forever!

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