Gambling king daughter he Chaoyi father sent a long article to mourn father before the festival: Thank you

 Gambling king daughter he Chaoyi father sent a long article to mourn father before the festival: Thank you

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Australia was a bit hot that year, he Chaoyi said in the article. Dad and I were sitting in the carriage. He was wearing a sweater. It was a little smoky in the carriage. He was sweating. I asked him if it was hot. He smiled and said no. instead, he knew that I was nervous and deliberately made me laugh. I dont remember what joke he said. I only remember that the carriage was very slow, the road was a little bumpy, the weather was good outside, and dads smile was very bright.

She also recalled, when I got out of the car, because of the height of the car, my father gracefully reached out to help me, and I was a little embarrassed to drag the long wedding dress.. My father tidied up my skirt and said that I was beautiful today, but I turned around and said to my father angrily, Dad, you are stepping on my wedding dress. This wedding dress is designed by a specially assigned person. Its very expensive and you sent it to me. Dad smiled at me again. That day, I was wearing high heels, walking carefully, dangerous, and the sun was strong, which made me a little dizzy. I was already a little impatient, but my father smiled, stretched out his arm, walked for me, and then took me to the long green grass.

She also wrote, along the way, he gently held my hand and whispered to me that marriage is another new stage of life. Then from that moment on, my fathers daughter became my husbands wife. Some people say that as a daughter, the most unforgettable is wearing a wedding dress, holding my fathers arm, walking to my husband on the red carpet. For a long time, every time at an important moment in my life, such as the premiere of my film, the award ceremony, he said he would come to watch, I refused him every time, he came, I also avoided him, I always played awkward, just afraid of embarrassment, but at my wedding, I no longer avoided him, how eager I was to take his arm and marry out.

At the end of the article, he Chaoyi said, Dad, thank you for making every important moment in my life more brilliant. That day you personally sent me out of the cabinet, today let me see you off well. I know youre going a long way. There, you wont get sick again. Every day, you can say your jokes smartly. And we, one day, will meet again

Hong Kong media previously reported that Stanley Ho, a well-known patriotic entrepreneur in Hong Kong and Macao known as gambling king, died on May 26 at the Yanghe hospital in Hong Kong, aged 98. Mr. Ho was born in Hong Kong on November 25, 1921. His ancestral home is Guangdong. He has a distinguished family background and is the nephew of Sir He Dong, a Hong Kong businessman. Its main enterprises include: Macau gaming Holding Co., Ltd., Hong Kong City of dreams International Group, Hong Kong Xinde Group Co., Ltd., Macau International Airport franchise company, Macau Chengxing bank, etc.

Mr. ho is an important figure in Macao. He was a member of the Standing Committee of the 9th to 11th CPPCC National Committee. He also participated in and witnessed the negotiations between China, Britain, Portugal and the return of Hong Kong and Macao to the motherland. Before his death, he actively participated in the economic construction, cultural charity and other undertakings in the mainland of China and made outstanding contributions to the development of Macao.

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