Beijing Express brother and delivery rider will be tested for nucleic acid

 Beijing Express brother and delivery rider will be tested for nucleic acid

Last night, just after finishing the days work of receiving and dispatching, Shunfengs express brother arrived at the designated points of nucleic acid detection in all districts of the city in an orderly way overnight, waiting for detection. The medical staff still stuck to the detection points at night. Due to the large number of employees, SF will continue to organize couriers to accept nucleic acid testing this weekend.

The reporter learned today from meituan that it had suspended receiving orders from riders who had orders in high-risk areas of the epidemic. These riders will be isolated at home for 14 days in addition to DNA testing. At the same time, according to the governments prevention and control requirements, it will also conduct a comprehensive nucleic acid test for riders in Beijing. On the basis of the original epidemic prevention management, the frequency of disinfection of the riders meal box will be strengthened, and the frequency of sampling inspection for wearing masks will be increased.

In order to enhance the safety of users meal taking, meituan has upgraded contactless distribution. The riders place the products at the designated positions of users to reduce face-to-face contact. At the same time, they continue to increase the placement of intelligent meal taking cabinets in Beijing, especially in densely populated office areas, office buildings and other areas, so as to reduce the contact probability of personnel.

JD logistics also provides free nucleic acid testing for all couriers, truck drivers and fresh storage personnel in Beijing. At present, more than 2000 employees have completed the testing, and other employees will complete the testing in batches in the shortest time. At the same time, Jingdong has continuously upgraded the security of personnel and goods, implemented contactless distribution, improved the supply security of mobile basket, and established a daily screening mechanism to conduct screening and health monitoring on the daily on-the-job personnel of all business departments across the country, and done a good job in detoxification of packages, so as to comprehensively guarantee the safety of personnel and goods.

In addition, e-commerce platforms such as Youxian daily, dingdong shopping for vegetables and the original life net will also carry out nucleic acid testing for relevant staff such as delivery staff in an all-round way according to the requirements of the government. At present, relevant testing is in progress in an orderly manner.