Nine heroes in Pingdu, Shandong Province who were pulled to be saved were praised for their bravery

 Nine heroes in Pingdu, Shandong Province who were pulled to be saved were praised for their bravery

Chen Yong, member of the Standing Committee of Pingdu municipal Party committee and Secretary of the political and legal committee, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Sun Xiuze, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tonghe street, presented the honorary certificate and 2000 yuan bonus to the group to be commended.

Chen Yong pointed out that in the event of pulling the victims to save people, nine citizens, song Yuwu, Jiang Jinjin, sun ZHAOLEI, Liu Jinxiao, Liu Weiguo, Zhang Jinglu, Li Baoshan, Xu Xueyun and Liang Yongjian, stood up and spontaneously worked together to rescue people, showing the spirit of taking on the responsibilities of the people and the city spirit of magnanimity, tenacity, innovation and Transcendence.

In this case, song Yuwu, the rescuer, failed to participate in the awarding ceremony due to his treatment in the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University. The association will send him the certificate of honor and bonus on the morning of June 21.

According to the surging news, a woman in Pingdu wants to jump from a building to give birth because of the conflict between her husband and wife. Song Yuwu passes by and sees her. She calls the police and organizes eight people around her to find a quilt for rescue. When she falls, she hits song Yuwu on the head. The woman dies. Song Yuwu lives in the ICU for treatment. Later, song was transferred to Qingdao for treatment due to his serious illness.

After the incident, Pingdu municipal political and Legal Commission, the Association for the righteous and the Tonghe sub district office issued a public notice. The whole city looked for these 9 Citizens and wanted to recommend them as the advanced group for the righteous and the brave.

Group photo of 8 citizens who were pulled to save people. Wechat official number map of palmtop Pingdu

Three days ago, song Yuwus daughter told surging news that his father had not yet left the ICU, but he was a little conscious and could open his eyes weakly. Before that, song had been in a coma.

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