My father was drunk and abusive, but when he was 34, Ronald burst into tears

 My father was drunk and abusive, but when he was 34, Ronald burst into tears

In 2005, his father, Denis avello, suffered from cirrhosis due to his long-term drinking.

Even though his father was drunk and didnt know his father well, Ronaldo did everything for him.

Mother Luo: the world kisses me with pain, and I want to sing for it

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C Luo tearfully talks about his father (source: Netease sports)

Son and father

In September 1974, Denis avero and his comrades set foot on the land of Africa.

After the end of World War II, the wave of colonial independence swept the whole world. Some suzerain countries complied with the general trend, while some suzerain countries wanted to maintain the original state. Portugal belongs to the latter.

In order to suppress the National Liberation Forces in Angola, the Portuguese suzerain sent troops, among which Dinis avero, 20, was one of them. In April 1974, the carnation revolution broke out, and the middle and lower military officers who had no intention of fighting launched a coup to overthrow the Portuguese government at that time.

Portugal has entered a transitional period of political chaos, and the Portuguese army in Angola has also given up fighting.

In the eyes of Martins, Deniss comrades in arms, when they arrived in Angola, the war was already over, which is why Denis was able to return to Portugal unharmed.

In Africa, compared with the enemy, Denis and his comrades were more worried about the difficulties brought by malaria and food shortage. Fortunately, there was a refrigerator car in the army at that time, which was full of beer produced by Angola. So the soldiers drank beer when they were thirsty, went hunting when they were hungry, and fell asleep when they were sleepy.

In Martins words, there, we play football, play poker, sing, smoke. In those days, I even gained weight because we didnt have to do anything but eat and sleep.

From a certain point of view, he is not satisfied with his marriage. They dont have much emotional basis with Mrs. Ronald. So in Africa, his life is sad but carefree.

At that time, there was no decent work at all. We were all abandoned by the society, because the soldiers retired after the war had no money and no work.

Back in Madeira, Deniss days began to get more difficult.

He once told Martins that he missed his days in Africa: eat when you are hungry, and sleep when you are sleepy. However, time is gone forever, so he can only use alcohol to anesthetize himself constantly.

My father is very interesting when he is drunk. He used to tell a lot of stories and sing to us.

He gets drunk almost every day. When he gets drunk, its hard to talk to him and understand him.

According to Ronaldos mother, it was the war that changed Denis. Maybe Ronaldo felt more right, because he was disappointed in life.

However, Denis has never beaten his own children. For his youngest son, Ronaldo, he prefers to have Canada.

The first club Ronaldo joined was andoriga, where his father worked, and the key step in his career: joining Portuguese sports was also done with the help of Deniss good friends.

When Ronaldo was a kid, Denis was his sons fan. He would sit in the stands and pay attention to his sons performance. When his son retreated, he would warn him that only the weak will give up. When Ronaldo joined Manchester United, although he would trade his sons jersey for wine, he believed that his son was the best player in the world.

Unfortunately, he is proud of his sons achievements. All he can see is to join Manchester United. As for the golden ball award, the Champions League and the European Cup, he has no chance to see it with his own eyes.

For me, it makes me sad, because everything...

Denis said he was too nervous and anxious. Although he wanted to, he was still afraid to go to the European Cup final (2004). He was very proud of his sons success. He also praised his wife as Ronaldos bodyguard. She gave everything to Ronaldo.

To be the first in the world, he didnt see anything. He didnt see me accept the prize. My family saw it. My mother, my brother and my eldest son witnessed it. But my father, he didnt see anything. He died young, but thats the reality.

I will not be ashamed to talk. I have never really known my father. I have never been open-minded and talked to him about things. I have never talked to him about those topics.

At that moment, 34 year old Ronaldo was just a son who lost his father.

Father and son

Today, 10 years later, who is the mother of the child is still a mystery.

In 2015, in an interview program, Jonathan rose asked Ronaldo: in his life, Ronaldos mother had a great influence on him, but he did not establish such a relationship with his mother.

For me, its not a problem. Many children in the world have no mother, no father, or their mother has passed away, or their father has passed away, or they have failed parents. Mini Luo has a good father, a perfect father, a grandmother, and the love and support of the whole family. Thats enough.

He regards the real answer as his secret. He says he will tell all things to Mirro one day. Before that, he will try to be a good father, just like he has always tried to be a good player.

Part of the reason is that he doesnt have a dream dad, so he wants to do it himself.

In an interview, Ronaldo once said that he wanted to live like a king, so he worked hard to earn all this.

I always dream of having a son to be my heir. I want to have a child when I am young. I did. I have a child when I was 25, because I want to accompany my child and watch him grow up. It has always been my dream.

Life is not always quiet.

Well, I wont forget that 2018 may be the most difficult year in my life besides football.

During this year, Chloe was accused of rape by a woman, which was widely reported in the media. Eventually, Chloe was not convicted of rape, but it still left Chloe in endless trouble, especially in front of her children.

I remember one day, I was sitting in the living room with my girlfriend at home, watching the news on TV, and I heard them say that Ronaldo is like this, like that, and then I heard the children coming downstairs.

I quickly changed the channel, because I was very embarrassed, just so that they could not see that those people were saying bad things about his father, and it was such a bad case.

Now Mini Luo is 10 years old and knows a lot of things.

He began to understand that his father was a star and was very popular everywhere, which made him very happy and gave him a little vanity.

Sometimes he would ask me, can I bring two children home? When I give a positive answer, mini Luo will ask for the next request, you must stay at home, because they all want to take photos with you.

Prince wants to become a king, also need to know a lot of truth, this is also what Ronaldo is trying to do.

When asked what needs to be instilled in the next generation, Ronaldo gives the answer. From a certain point of view, these are all the reasons that he came to realize when he went out early.

For this reason, he took Mini Luo back to Madeira, where he lived when he was a child. When he saw where I used to live, he couldnt believe it.

He asked me, have you really lived here? It seems to him that things like cars and houses are easy to come by.

As a father, Ronaldo has always warned him to insist and work hard. Its not the talent that finds you, its the initiative to seize it.

You have to be diligent, thats what Im trying to make him understand.

In October 2017, Chloe, who is happy to have a dragon and Phoenix fetus, published such a picture on his ins:

You are always with us! Bless you, Dad! Bless you, grandpa!

The relationship between father and son is always wonderful, because he is not as close as mother and son, but the son can always get a lot from his father.

Although Ronaldo never really knew his father, he was still very sad when his father died. In an interview many years later, he mentioned this:

There was a time when it was hard for me to get rid of the loss of my father, but that was life.

Now Chloe has four children, a happy family and a successful career. He has become a person who can handle things well even when his father is not around. In Ronaldos view, it all comes from his early involvement in the school of society, where he grew up to be an excellent person. However, he still felt that everything behind this had his fathers support. Maybe all I got in the football world is because he looked at me in the sky. Source of this article: Netease sports Author: the responsible editor of Muzi who writes ball: Xu Song_ NS1943

Now Chloe has four children, a happy family and a successful career. He has become a person who can handle things well even when his father is not around.

In Ronaldos view, it all comes from his early involvement in the school of society, where he grew up to be an excellent person.

However, he still felt that everything behind this was supported by his father,

Maybe all I get in football is because he looks at me in the sky.